Odessa beach

Odessa beach located on a Black Sea coast. Southern location as a consequence of high air temperature in summer, set the character of summer holiday. Сity stretches along coastline for more than ten kilometers. This entire beach line one of the biggest Black sea resorts area in Ukraine and here placed best beaches in Odessa.

odessa beach - Langeron

Langeron Odessa beach

When choosing some Odessa city beach, it should remember that the more crowded beach, the less clean it is. Therefore, very popular beaches may not be a good choice. It always makes sense to find out which beaches locals prefer, or where stands most of beach hotels. Do not limit yourself to one opinion. Do not also particularly trust taxi drivers, because they will offer you either most publicized Odessa (Ukraine) beach, or those which located far away.

The resort area begins with a place called Langeron beach, and ends at 16th station of Big Fountain. This is historical name of that area, and to better navigate in urban toponymy, lets consider each of them separately.

Resort area is divided into two parts. One part is 5 km long east coast line along which the so-called Health Route passes. This strip of beaches begins with Odessa Langeron beach, and ends with beaches in Arcadia. Here are beaches closer to downtown, and large walking area without cars. Consider several popular Odessa beach in this area:

Langeron Odessa beach

It is located near couple Odessa attractions – Shevchenko Park, not far from Alley of Fame. Special signs of that beach – two large stone spheres, standing on sides of a small staircase leading to water. Nearby there is a dolphinarium. This sandy beach is very popular among holidaymakers. There is parking for cars and many restaurants with bars. However, its convenient location attracts a large number of people, so in summer it’s quite noisy, because of loud music from large number of bars.

Yellow stone. This is the name of see coast, located just below Lanzheron beach. A special sign is a large boulder of a yellow shellrock, lying right by the water. This beach may be more preferable if you are looking for a less crowded place.

Odessa Otrada beach

Odessa beach Otrada view

Otrada beach Odessa

One of central beaches. You can get to it either by moving along the coast from Langeron beach, or down the cableway, through which it is easy to recognize.  It is a few sandy beaches with children’s slides, sea cafes and restaurants, and a small walking alley in the shade of trees. Special sign of Otrada beach (Odessa) is cableway, which starting from French boulevard. Cableway is a well-known place, so anyone can tell how to get there.

Dolphin Beach

Next after Dog Beach, is located near Health Route, roughly between Langeron beach and Arcadia. A special sign of dolphin beach is nearby border guard station of Ukraine with a large, abandoned concrete gray building at the water’s edge. Dolphin beach Odessa is a popular place with unobtrusive infrastructure and relatively empty. Traditionally, sea water is considered cleaner here.

Dog’s beach

Located between yacht club and Dolphin beach. Dog’s beach is a quiet place, without any infrastructure, restaurants, etc. There are no cafes, parks and even just toilets. It has such name, because people come here with their dogs, swim, or play on the sand. If you are not confused by presence of dogs, and you love a lowly rest, then Dog’s beach will appeal to you. Special signs of it – a small green glade with trees, a favorite place for picnics of local residents, a steep precipice overlooking the sea, under which a fairly wide sandy beach stretches. As that place is popular among locals of surrounding areas, that beach is relatively uncrowded, especially in the mornings.

Odessa nude beach

Odessa beach view of rocks

Odessa nude beach

Odessa nude beach is traditional option for nudists since Soviet Union. It is located near Dolphin beach, and it is easy to recognize by huge shell rocks sticking out in the water. Stone boulders scattered all over that beach and make it a secluded place for nudists. So you can not see its visitors from a great distance. This beach itself is small, with a little edge of sand, small and large stones. Under the water is also not sand, but a stone bottom, which can be uncomfortable when you walk on it, but if you dive with aqualung, the rocky seabed looks very beautiful.

Chkalovsky beach

This beach located not far away from Odessa Botanical garden. Such name was given to that beach, since sanatorium in the name of Chkalov (Soviet pilot) is located on top. Chkalovsky beach (Odessa) is small and cozy closed from prying eyes by slope and trees. Some people confuse him with nude beach, but we wrote about him above. You can get to Chkalovsky beach in several ways. First – you will find it if you go along Route of Health. Second – to reach sanatorium Chkalov, which is located on French boulevard, and go through it down to the beach.

Arcadia beach

Here ends 5km of Health Route. Arcadia coastal zone it’s a few wide sandy beaches, with a lot of entertainment venues around. The sand is quite clean, because it is cleaned by local owners of coastal infrastructure. In summer it is extremely crowded and there is not a single tree to hide from the scorching sun. Here everything is directed to a beach holiday.

odessa beach - Dolphin beach view

Dolphin beach Odessa

Another part of resort’s coast is – Fountains. This is a long coastline, with a length of about 6 km. It begins from Arcadia beach, and ends at the headland with a lighthouse, where Assumption Monastery is. Each Odessa beach here is called by the number of the stop of transport, for example: 14th station of Big Fountain. There are 16 such stations, but beach territory stretches only from 10th until 16th of them. Traditionally among locals fountains are considered as the best beaches in Odessa. City beach of Fountain is always sandy. Separately, it makes sense to distinguish several of them.

13 station of Big Fountain. It is one of the cleanest beaches. It is a narrow strip of sandy beaches, a narrow pedestrian road above them and a high sloping slope at the top where transport road passes. This beach does not has wide infrastructure, but here are pure both sea water and a sand.

16 station of Big Fountain. A bit like Arcadia beach with unusually large number of people having a rest here. Located far from downtown, therefore the road here can take about 30-40 minutes of time, depending on city traffic jams.

Golden shore. Behind 16th station of Big Fountain begins a strip of wild Odessa city beach, called Gold Coast. It is traditional choice of people who need only sand and sea, and who do not mind to make some walk. Along with undeveloped infrastructure, perhaps, this is cleanest part of the coast, and best beaches in Odessa from this point of view.

Odessa beach – Luzanovka

odessa beach with sand

Luzanovka Odessa Ukraine beach

Separately worth mentioning another Odessa (Ukraine) beach, which is name – Luzanovka. It is located in northern part of Odessa. Beach, pictures show you, at sea level here, which means that you need to walk to the sea only a few tens of meters without stairs and other obstacles. Luzanovka is a long Odessa beach overlooking on central part of city and a port. Road here is relatively long and not very interesting, passes through industrial zone. If you choose this place, remember proximity of Odessa port and factories, most of which do not work anymore. It makes sense to go here if you are only going to spend time on the beach. No sights, or just nice places to walk around you will not find.