Beach hotels in Odessa

Odessa is a city located on Black Sea coast, therefore one of main types of tourism here is beach resort. More than 10 km of Odessa’s coastline are occupied by city beaches. Almost all of them are sandy. Here there are numerous hotels of most varied format, from cheap to luxury hotels, providing all kinds of services associated with beach holidays. However, searching best beach hotels in Odessa, you need to consider several factors.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to information that beach hotels are offering on their websites. Nobody says that they are being told lies, but some important features may be missing in description. Hotel will not indicate whether there is an elevator in it, or the number of steps in front of porch. This information will be important for people of advanced age, as well as people with disabilities in movement. You should find out it by contacting with hotel administration on its website, or by phone. On website, most often, you will not find such information.

Beach hotels in Odessa for family holidays

Another important point where to stay in Odessa may be whether you are traveling with children or not. Virtually only resort hotel with dolphins position itself as specializing in such kind of resort. In other cases, if you don’t want to have a night club outside the window, or a 24-hour bar nearby, it’s worthwhile to find out all this separately. Hotel sites do not provide this information. In addition, you can ask if there is a special entertainment for children near, for example – a water park. Knowing it in advance, it is more likely that you will choose a hotel in a place suited to a child’s holiday.

Hotels in Arcadia

More than a dozen beach hotels in Odessa, are located in entertaining zone, called Arcadia. This zone for a beach holiday, and here is a large number of nightclubs. Therefore, at night in summer season, Arcadia is a very noisy place. Noise is a factor that should not be overlooked, when searching for a hotel for resting near Black Sea. It’s very noisy here, and if you want to quietly spend your vacation, if loud music from street irritating you, you should look for other options. At the same time, for those who are looking for exactly this method of beach pastime, in combination with nightclubs – hotels in Arcadia will be a good choice where to stay in Odessa.

Location «beach» hotels in Odessa

Beach hotels in Odessa 5 stars

Beach hotels in Odessa

Another important factor to which you should pay attention is distance to beach from hotel, which is indicated on hotel’s website. What does it mean? Odessa located on a plateau towering over Black Sea at a distance of 30 meters. This means that in most cases, to descend to city beach on foot, you will have to go down many long stairs leading to it. To go back – also up the stairs. This path can be tiring for elderly, or for those who are difficult to climb stairs. Exception is only Arcadia, where to beach lead a direct road, without descents.

Many beach hotels in Odessa on their websites write, for example, that distance from hotel to sea is only 300 meters. However, while hotel itself stays at the top of plateau, the sea is at the bottom. So, to get to it, you have to go down a large staircase there and back, which greatly complicates your way to beach. To find out whether hotel you are looking for placed in this way, you can look at city map, or ask hotel’s website moderator. Of course, most of beach hotels are directly near the sea, however, do not forget about all of above to avoid surprises.

Hotels with sea view

Another point in choosing a beach hotels in Odessa (Ukraine) can be a view from the window. If it does not matter to you, then do not pay attention. If you want to have beautiful view from window, it is better to specify what you will see there. The fact is that many hotels stay very close to each other. Sometimes happen that from the window you will see some wall or window of another hotel. If we are talking about seaside, it may happen that next to place where you are staying is construction of another hotel. Of course your rest nearby construction site with dust and noise, wont be particularly pleasant. Using Internet resources, you can easily check out where your hotel stands. Look what happening around it, and what will be seen from the windows on other side of your hotel.