Odessa private tours

Odessa private tours detail

Odessa private tours

Private tour – City Garden

Duration – unlimited

Cost for 1 person – €15 per hour

Cost for 2-4 people – €20 per hour

More then 5 people – €25 per hour

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Private tour specificity

  • You able to choose duration of the tour.
  • No strict route. You decide what to see and where to go.
  • Private guide will accompany you.
  • No strict tour theme. All sightseeing topics are available.
  • Stops for rest, coffee breaks, museum visits during the tour – everything is available.

What the difference?

Private tour is very flexible option for sightseeing. You are accompanied by private guide and can choose topic of excursion, or place that you want to visit. For example, we can do mixed Odessa tour and combine simple sightseeing with Jewish tour. Also we easily can change the route of private tour and see some places, that usually not including in city tours. It is a good opportunity to see non standart places of Odessa and hear many stories that couldn’t be found in internet.

Odessa private tours

Odessa sight – one-wall house

Also we offer double group tour as private. In that case is very comfortable to choose appropriate transport, whether it’ll be taxi, private car or city transport. The fact is that museum of catacombs do not provide excursions on english. They have only russian speaking groups. So it is highly recomended to get there with private guide. It’ll be either comfortable and more informative.

Odessa private tours special offer

Here we offer a special version of Odessa sightseeing – private tours. What does it mean? Regular Odessa city tour have a given route and time to view the main attractions of city. Such tours do not include visits to museums or large variations from a given route, because this will greatly increase time-work of guide.

Odessa private tours House with Atlantes

Odessa private tours – House with Atlantes

In Odessa private tours there is no specific route of excursion, there is no strict time to finish. Here everything depends on wishes of client. Tour guide just accompanies client for as long as necessary, and wherever client wants. You also choose theme of excursion and it does not matter if it is a story about history of Odessa in 19th century, military history of Second World War, conversation about how is city living now, or Odessa Jewish history.

It is not necessary to make a regular Odessa city tours. For example, if you want to walk a little, and then just sit in a cafe and talk with a guide – it will be ok. Maybe you do not want to take city tours, but just want to go to a museum accompanied by your guide – this also will be a private tour.

Unusual offers

  • Flea market. Within Odessa private tours you can visit famous flea market, which has existed since 19th century. This is a favorite place for visiting collectors, decorators, and just people who want to look at different knick-knacks, antiques, and just old things. Flea market, or as it is called here baraholka, is a peculiar attraction of city. If you want to bring an unusual souvenir, or hunting for collectibles, then flea market is what you need. Here, you need to accompany by guide to help communicate with local vendors, to help with haggle, or watch out so that you will not be deceived by offering an unfair price for goods.
  • WW2 memorial. As a rule, people who travel Odessa don’t know about open air WW2 memorial, which located within the city. You can get to it and observe one by yourself, or with private guide. You will hear from a guide history of Odessa WW2 days and touch (literally) soviet military enginery, which located in memorial complex.

Odessa private tours view of odessa port