Apartments for rent in Odessa

Many people staying in another city, prefer not to settle in hotels, but looking for apartments for rent. In Odessa (Ukraine) it is quite common, as many tourists come to the city. Especially in during summer season. Variety of apartments in Odessa is quite large, as like as variety of prices for them. Therefore, book your accommodation well in advance of your arrival in the city. Lets look at most important points when choosing an apartment.

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Pets and flats

First of all, it is worth noting that if you travel with your pet, finding a pet friendly hotel is very difficult. Owners of apartments for rent in Odessa also do not particularly welcome tenants with animals. Nevertheless, finding a pet friendly apartment is much easier than a hotel. Finally, with the owner of apartment you can agree on a higher price for living with pets. For regular hotel or hostel this is impossible completely, because it depends on overall policy of a particular one.

Usual apartments for rent in Odessa

When you rent flat in Odessa, you usually get all standard amenities, such as: shower, bath, wifi, bed, washing machine, etc. Most of standard apartments for rent are furnished with only most necessary furniture. In most cases all of them located in the area of ​​old city, for example, on Deribasovskaya Street. This is very convenient, since here are located main attractions of Odessa. Apartments which located not in city center will be convenient in case that you are going to spend most of your time on the beach.

Rules for rent

Before rent flat, carefully read all conditions. You should always specify in advance what penalty will be in case of early departure. Who will pay for broken furniture or equipment. Who will pay for repair of sanitary ware, or other unexpected breakdowns. When you find apartment for a good price that suit you, find out how many people can live there. Make booking of apartments should only through reliable services. Doing it personally, or through a random site, you run the risk of giving money to scammers.