Jewish Odessa tour

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jewish odessa tour

Main Odessa synagogue

Duration – 2 hours

Price for 1 person – €15 per person

More than 5 people + €10 per person

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We can make this tour by car. In this case, cost of car is added to price of tour. Price of car depends on type of car, that is ordered for right number of people. English or russian language is available.

What you will see during Jewish tour

Our tour takes place away from classic touristic route of other city tours in Odessa. Jewish tour passes along traditionally Jewish streets and quarters, in places where lived prominent representatives of Jewish community. There are lot of old houses, commemorative plaques, places of work, community institutions, old Odessa synagogue, as well as general educational institutions. Jewish Odessa tour is also a story about how Jews appeared in the city, about what they did and what trace they left in its history.

What you will hear about

jewish odessa tour

Main Odessa synagogue

Some facts about Odessa (Ukraine) jewish history: house where lived Vladimir Zhabotinsky and which he mentioned in his late literary works. Also we always show the house where Leon Pinsker founded first Zionist organization in Russian Empire. Zionist movement in Odessa is inextricably linked with Meer Dizengoff. Here is a memorial tablet in old artisan quarter, where he lived. It is impossible to ignore one addres in Jewish tour, which tells about arrival in our city of Khaim Nahim Bialik. Part of his poetic heritage created here.

Another page of this topic is literature. First of all it is worth mentioning Sholom Aleichem and Mendel Moher Sforim. Specific character of Odessa at those times perfectly described through the eyes of Sholom Aleichem literary heroes. Not only Jewish writers, journalists and poets contributed to culture. In their apartments, over historical research worked Joseph Klausner and Shimon Dubnov. Therefore it makes no sense to list the names of all famous people who lived in Odessa.

We named only a few. All of them lived and worked here, and left it when the time came. However, the memory of them remained.

Why this tour appeared

jewish odessa tour

Choral synagogue

A separate theme amid other city tours is Jewish Odessa tour. This topic appeared not by chance, and it is not by chance that this tour is popular among the others.

The fact is that from foundation of city to this day, large number of Jews live in Odessa. At the dawn of the 20th century, their number in total urban mass was 1/3 of all population. Due to such proximity of a large number of nationalities in Odessa created its unique atmosphere.

Jewish community was the largest in city and actively participated in all spheres of Odessa life, such as medicine and commerce, education and charity, city management and revolutionary movement.

Still here are number of places that have a connection to a jewish history. All of them save in different condition, but with a story about people lifes and heritage they leaved, it is not hard to imegine whole life of Odessa century ago.