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We provide full tourist services to make your tour in Odessa Ukraine more comfortable. Check options below and chose what proposition would be appropriate for your group. You can chose only one position, city tours for example, or booking all of them.

Meeting at airport

When you book big Odessa tours packages, we’ll meet you at Odessa airport. This is comfortable in case we start city tour immidiately and when is need of accompinied by english speaking guide. Also, if you book one-day Odessa tour, we’ll┬ápick-up you at airport and┬ádrop-off at the airport in the end of tour. So you won’t need a taxi.

Private transfers

We offer private transfers during whole tour in Odessa. You can order private car with a driver for a few persons, minivan for group of 6 persons, mini-bus for more then 10 people and big bus for group until 50 persons. Price of transport depends of number of people, class of car and time of work. All options are changeable according to your needs. Notice, in case of booking, we can send you a foto of transport.

Odessa city tours

Check out all city tours in Odessa and contact us for the options. Our city tours are: sightseeing Odessa, catacombs tour, private and walking tours, Second World War memorial tour, Jewish tour and excursion to Odessa Film Studio. Notice, any city tour could be by car. Except usual city tours Odessa we provide walking sightseeing and escape quest in Odessa catacombs.

Hotel advice and booking

Planning travel to Odessa, first thing is to find appropriate accomodation. If you order Odessa tour, we can book hotel according to your wishes, or advice couple of options according to your needs. There are many hotels inside and outside the city, so before booking read our arcticle about hotels specifities. For comparing prices, or booking hotel to stay, check our page cheap hotels.

Concert tickets

Wondering what to do in Odessa? One of most visited place in Odessa is Opera House. However, there is a little difficulties to buy a ticket in the opera. Besides that they have only one programm to buy it online and there is a problem with the sits. Especially in internet it’s hard to understand will you see act on the scene good or not. Because there are some places where you can see only backs of other people. That’s why we can buy Opera tickets for you, chosing the best place and suggest┬árepertoire.

Country Odessa tours

Except the city itself there are lot of thing to see outside Odessa. We provide country tours in Odessa region, so you can visit medival fortrees, get wine degustation right on a factory and many others. Also we can orginize day trips from Odessa (Ukraine) to big cities as Lviv, Kiev, Kharkov ect. If you searching for eco tour, we offer trip to Carpathian mountain or to national parks. You can book such tour for one person or for a big group of people. The price will change depends on number of people.

Odessa holidays

Read our proposition of holidays in Odessa. We create special packages for your rest, that include number of tourist services. You always can include something interesting for you, or skip needless one position. We’ll answer all question about holidays program and listen to your prefers.