Odessa web cameras

Odessa Opera House

This web camera looks on start of Richelieu Street, where famous Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater stands. Probably, this is the most famous sightseeing place of Ukraine. Arriving in Odessa, you can easily admire architecture of Opera House, and visit regular opera and ballet performances. To the right of opera there is a Theatrical square with a fountain and a road to Primorsky Boulevard - main promenade of old city.

Catherine Square

You can see below Odessa online camera that show us Catherine Square. This square named after Catherine the Great. It is one of central and most beautiful squares in our city. Central part of square is monument to founders of Odessa. This is favorite tourist photo zones, and it is included almost in every city tour program. Behind Catherine square you can see Odessa bay and port. Road to harbor goes through famous attraction - Potemkin staircase.

Deribasovskaya street

Deribasovskaya - it is a main street of Odessa. This street traditionally hosts large city festivities. Part of the street is a pedestrian zone, so here you will meet mainly walking public and tourists. Along Deribasovskaya street there are numerous restaurants, boutiques, banks, apartments, etc. In the evening it is one of the most popular places just to walk around without particular aim.

Odessa City Garden

This is a small area in the shade of trees for recreation and entertainment. Odessa City Garden is considered as one of many others attractions. Here are many bronze sculptures dedicated to poeple of local history. You can read a book on a bench, or sit in a restaurant, or take a picture at the fountain. During summer evenings a brass band plays in gazebo, or different musical groups perform.


Monument to general-governor duke de Richelieu is the oldest in Odessa. He stands at the main sea gate into our city and symbolizes his hospitality. If you look closely, he makes an invitation gesture towards the sea, from where new people arrived here in 19th century. He used to be one of such people, who came here for a new life.

Primorsky boulevard

Odessa online chanel below show main promenade - boulevard. Odessa has many boulevards, but this one is the oldest. As you see, from this point people enjoy a panoramic view of the bay and marine station. You can go down to the port by Potemkin Stairs, or use Odessa funicular that is visible on the right. When a holiday or festival takes place in our city, an open stage is traditionally located here.

Dumskaya Square

In the video below you see a small square where located city hall of Odessa. Online camera shows Dumskaya Square, from which Primorsky boulevard begins. Odessa citizens once installed here a monument to poet Alexander Pushkin. Here you can see an old english cannon and go down to recently laid-down Istanbul park.

Alley of stars

This small alley is a list of famous people whose life is connected with Odessa. These people are not connected by one profession. There are writers, musicians, poets, directors, artists, etc. Every year a new slab put in pavement, timed to anniversary birthday of some famous person. On the right of Alley of Stars located Odessa Archaeological museum.

Shevchenko park

Webcam Odessa usually shows us some open touristic places. Park Shevchenko is one of such point. It is a big and old city park named in honor of famous ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. Park is very green and comfortable for everyone. Here are football stadium, skateboard playground, Green theatre, amusement park, Alley of Honor and many others. From this park you can get to Langeron beach and dolphinarium.

10 April square

This huge square is named in honor of April 10, because on this day in 1944, Odessa was liberated from fascist troops. A high stele with a red star indicates that after Second World War, Odessa was awarded title - Hero City. Behind this square stand a shopping complex Victory Gardens, and road on the right leads to Arcadia. Leftward located Victory park. Odessa is very hot place in summer, but you always can take a rest in some city park.

Potemkin Stairs

World famous attraction of Odessa. Potemkin stairs used to be a visiting card of our city. It symbolize heyday of 19th century, and represent a kind of gateway to Odessa. Potemkin stairs are called after film by Sergei Eisenstein - Battleship Potemkin, who received worldwide fame. At the top of stairs you see a monument to famous de Richelieu, or as simple citizens call it - duke. Odessa from this point appears in front of you as in times of first settlemens in 18 century.

Vorontsov lighthouse

You see yacht club berth and panorama of Odessa bay. Yacht club located at the marine station, and you can easily reach this point by going down through Potemkin stairs. In summer, from this point you can make a short walk on a boat along coast of Odessa. Boats depart every hour, so you do not have to rush to any time. Here you can sit at pier, or in restaurant, admiring Vorontsov lighthouse.

Greek square

It is a large square located near Deribasovskaya. Greek square used to be first market square in our city. Now here stands large shopping center Athens, several fountains and a monument to mayor of city - Marazli. In itself, this square is not considering as attraction, as it was greatly altered by modern buildings. You can look at it strolling along Deribasovskaya street, and also use it as a landmark for calling a taxi.

Vorontsov palace

Vorontsov palace is one of main sights of Odessa. Online camera below, shows old colonnade of this palace, which at present time is under reconstruction. This colonnade located amind Primorsky boulevard and Mother-in-law bridge.

Cathedral square

Below you see a part of central square of Odessa - Cathedral Square. Here is a monument to Prince Vorontsov, who was general governor of this region. Behind it stands main orthodox church of city - Preobrazhensky cathedral Odessa. Square located on Preobrazhenskaya street, that has same name as cathedral.

Odessa online web page shows you some city attractions, which included in main city tour. Here you can watch the events, check out the weather, and even send greetings to your close ones or friends. To do this, you only need to do a couple of actions. First, ask your friends to open the necessary webcam (Odessa) on our site. Then stand in the right place and wave your hand towards the camera. This way your friends will see you here.

Weather in Odessa is often unpredictable. Sometimes it happens that weather forecast on Internet shows rain outside, but in reality we have sunny day. Using Odessa online you can observe weather in city and watch what happens in real mode. It is also convenient in case you need to see what happens on its streets. For example, to see some city holiday, places to visit, procession or a concert ground under open air.

It happens that TV shows any political unrest in the country, and some text of announcer, not always corresponding to reality, is added to them. In such cases, it is worth using odessa online camera to avoid influence of propaganda, or poor-quality news from media.