Yacht charter

Trip to Odessa for summer holidays is a great opportunity to mix a beach resort on Black Sea and watch daily life of most wonderful city in southern Ukraine. Total length of Odessa coastline is 30 kilometers with sandy beaches for general access. In addition, it's a great chance to spend vacation not only on land, but also at sea. Yacht rent in Odessa Ukraine gives you opportunity to sail, have parties with friends and take sunbathe with a beautiful view of the coast. All yachts can be rented for sea fishing.

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Huge catamaran yacht with wide deck is convenient for swimming and relaxation. This yacht is 12 meters long, 6 meters wide and can accommodate up to 20 people on board. Design feature of catamaran eliminates roll when turning, so you won’t feel pitching. Stability of yacht is also very convenient, because nothing falls off the table. Sindbad yacht has 2 toilets, refrigerator for drinks and food, kitchen of 6 cabins for relaxation.

Price under 10 people - 96 euro\hour
Price over 10 people + 10 euro person

Three reasons to rent Sindbad yacht

  • Sindbad is perfect party boat. A wide space allows to place 16 people at a common table. Total boat capacity is 20 people. An awning above the table will protect you from sun rays and rain. Therefore, nothing distracts you from relaxing on sofas in any weather. 
  • Swimming, diving and fishing. Low catamaran deck is suitable for preparing to dive, especially for beginners. Also, yacht deck allow to easily get out of sea on board. As one of advantages, you will not feel pitching while fishing.
  • Large catamaran boat allows you to go to sea with a large group of friends, and it will be convenient for everyone to relax, chat and hang out. Two hammocks on which people like to sunbathe and look into water are stretched between noses of yacht. Stern on yacht is smooth wide deck for various activities: fishing, sunbathing, preparing for diving, enjoying the view of the landscape, walking or sitting with your feet in the water.

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Aladdin is a small and comfortable catamaran type yacht for up to 10 people. Catamaran is suitable for those who are afraid of pitching on a yacht. Thanks to boat design, you will not feel bad at sea. This yacht has a toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, 4 cabins for relaxation and large awning to hide from sun. Aladdin is usual choice for anyone looking for a full day yacht charter.

Price under 6 people - 55 euro\hour
Price over 6 people - 75 euro\hour
Full day rent - 575 euro

Three reasons to rent yacht Aladdin

  • This boat is best choice for a small group of friends who are looking for a budget trip in Odessa. Aladdin allows to provide all types of resort activities: making parties, swimming, go diving and fishing. Passengers can gather near the table under canopy, so it will be convenient for everyone to sit and relax. 
  • Catamaran has smooth wide deck suitable for preparing to dive. Catamaran design allows to jump into sea and easily climb back. You can take any tools for diving or fishing, and this won't bother you during sailing. A lot of space and lack of pitching makes you free to walk on yacht while sailing.
  • Due to its low charter price, this is number one option for a full day rent yacht. Odessa Ukraine is extremely beautiful from coastal side. You able to look into trading port, watch Vorontsov Lighthouse, get to Arcadia zone and other coastal areas of the city or near by. During long sailing you can meet dolphins and become a captain behind the wheel of a yacht. 

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Stylish classic yacht 12 meters long. It has 3 cabins with a mahogany design, toilet, kitchen and wooden deck with convenient aft access to water. Flavia is sophisticated yacht, perfect for those who want to experience real boat trip. Classic shape of this yacht allows you to fully enjoy sailing and go to sea under a snow-white sail.

Price under 6 people - 110 euro\hour
Price over 6 people - 130 euro\hour

Three reasons to rent yacht Flavia

  • Flavia is perfect choice when you are looking for luxury resort and good Odessa yacht rental price. Special price for a group of up to 6 people. With a small group of friends, you do not need to choose between very expensive yachts and cheapest options. So take your friends on sea voyage and get special price.
  • White sails, beautiful design and wonderful shape of Flavia, make yacht suitable for shooting unforgettable photos. This yacht is in great demand for wedding photo shoots and other fancy activity.
  • Sea waves and windy weather make you feel the sea rolling on this yacht. Those who want to feel like a real sea wolf, will like the Flavia. Yacht rolling and sea breeze makes it unforgettable.

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Always recognizable by its unusual color, Elena is a yacht for a small number of close friends or couples. You can put drinks and snacks on a small table or put them into refrigerator. There is also a toilet on board. Small size allows you to feel sea waves and breeze on a cozy deck. This is a great option of yacht rent in Odessa for more than an affordable price.

Price under 5 people - 60 euro\hour

Three reasons to rent yacht Elena

  • Perfect yacht charter price in Odessa for couples or small number of people. Yacht is ideal for taking boat trip for couples, without overpaying for size and fuel, like on large yachts.
  • This yacht is a good choice if you are looking for a cozy boat and want to sail in windy weather. Small size of Elena allows you to better feel pitching while sailing.
  • You never sailed on yacht and do not know if you feel good on board or not? Then better to rent this yacht, given that rent is possible even for one hour. In this way, you can check your well-being during pitching and then make more longer sea trip.

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Flight Fantastic

Good choice when you looking for luxury yacht rent in Odessa with high comfort for relaxation and activities. This boat is 13 meters long with a wide front deck and convenient access to water. Capacity of the yacht is up to 12 people who will not feel cramped. Large kitchen allows you to sit on sofas with friends at large table, hiding from the wind or rainy weather. Designed specially for comprehensive rest, on a boat are everything is need for sea trip: toilets, refrigerator, showers, bedrooms and kitchen for cooking. 

Price under 12 people - 300 euro\hour

Three reasons to rent yacht Flight Fantastic

  • Flight Fantastic is a good boat for a full day sea fishing in Odessa Ukraine. Yacht charter with everything for relaxation  and outdoor activities on board. Important thing is that catamaran yacht can land on the sea spit, and you take a walk on land. Trip to Black sea spit for fishing takes several hours, so there is always opportunity to relax in spacious cabins. 
  • Yacht has three areas for different activities. Front of boat has two hammocks that are comfortable for sunbathing or enjoying the waves. Rear deck has canopy from the sun, table for food and drinks, as well as a convenient descent to water for swimming or diving. You can enjoy boat trip or chat over a cup of tea inside cozy kitchen, sitting at the table on soft sofas. Here you can hide from strong winds or rain and preparing some meal.
  • Flight Fantastic yacht rent suitable rather for big company, then for couple of people. Also rental yacht price reduced for full day trip. This is perfect opportunity to gather friends and make boat tour with fishing to sea spits away from Odessa. Thus, you will not only enjoy yachting and fishing, but also explore wonderful sea landscapes of Ukraine Black Sea area.

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Royal Maris

Biggest yacht for rent in Odessa is gulet - Royal Maris. The yacht has 25 meters long, with three white sails, trimmed with wood and a wide deck. More than just a yacht, it's a small ship for sea trips along Odessa coast. This schooner can take on board up to 25 people, which makes it an excellent choice for corporate events or large group of tourists. Gulet has modern design and equipped with everything necessary for a sea holiday: kitchen, refrigerator, cabins, toilet.

Price under 25 people - 450 euro\hour
Price over 3 hours - 400 euro\hour

Three reasons to rent yacht Royal Maris

  • Planning corporate party in Odessa Ukraine? Rent yacht for leisure of large group of people at sea is what you need. Many places for sitting, large table and cabins can accommodate everyone according to their wishes. Large front deck is suitable for hanging out in fine weather. A large tent placed above common table and sofas allows to shelter from rain. Guests also have at their disposal large spaces with cabins inside the boat.
  • Сharter price benefit in Odessa. Yacht charter price of Royal Maris at first glance seems big, but it is not. Given number of people you can take on board, yacht rent price is greatly reduced for each person. Therefore, when you are looking yacht for rent in Odessa for 10 or more people, Royal Maris will be the best option for making sea trip.
  • Yacht stands at Odessa seaport from where it overlooks on Black sea. Entrance to the city - Potemkin stairs, snow-white lighthouse and trading port - this is exactly what travelers arriving in Odessa saw in 19th century. You have an opportunity to repeat their impression entering Odessa through the main gate.

Tips for yacht rent in Odessa

  • Сapacity. All yachts have different capacities, which depends on type of boat. If you are large company of up to 10 people or more, you do not need to rent a small boat. If the yacht is designed for 6 people, you can take on board 10 people, but it will be inconvenient and useless. Therefore, try to rent yacht in Odessa accordingly for the right number of people.
  • Activity. Different yachts are designed for different types of activities. For example: if you want to make sailing trip, it is better to rent classic yacht with high beautiful sails.
    Looking for opportunity to swim on the high seas in Odessa? Rent yacht of catamaran type. Thus, you will have low deck, which make easier jumping into water and climb back. Catamaran also has smooth deck, which is suitable for sunbathing and storage of underwater equipment. A lot of seating makes catamaran ideal for parties. Take all your friends on board and make sure everyone has comfortable place to relax and enjoy boat trip.