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odessa diving

Underwater gallery

Price for 1 person – €25 (museum)

Price for 1 person – €33 (night)

Price for 1 person – €37 (wrecks #1)

Price for 1 person – €50 (wrecks #2)

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Scuba diving in Black Sea for beginners and experienced divers. Odessa diving tours are available in summer and include several destinations. You have a great opportunity to visit the underwater museum or explore the wrecks. Night diving, an underwater museum, several types of sunken ships – everyone will find an interesting pastime for themselves.

Odessa diving inclusions

odessa diving

Scuba diving in Odessa Ukraine – wrecks

  • Diving equipment
  • Training for beginners
  • Boat renting
  • Support

Underwater museum

Underwater museum located not far from sea port, close to the coast. The museum require no boat to get to and don’t require diving experience. At a depth of 10 meters, you will see coastal fauna of Black Sea, as well as concrete sculptures flooded in the dive zone. The collection features various underwater artifacts and monuments to the communist leaders of the Soviet era.

Night diving is one of the most popular tour options. We dive at night and explore the museum grounds in the dark. This is a great addition to outdoor activities and frees up the daytime for other trips. The mystical world of stone figures and underwater fauna will not leave you indifferent.

Shipwrecks diving

Special option for those who going to make scuba diving near Odessa coast, would be the trip to wrecked ship. The twenty century wars and strong sea currents crashed a lot of ships in the gulf. Wrecks are available for diving and accessible by motor boat. See the list of thing to do in Odessa and don’t miss the opportunity to make diving and fishing on the yacht.

We provide the wreck diving as for beginners and for experienced. For beginners, dive to the sunken fishing longboats is suitable. These wrecks are located at a depth under 10 meters. We provide an initial diving lesson, which is sufficient for your first dive to wrecks.

For experienced divers, we suggest exploring the Romanian dry-cargo ship Sulina, which sank in 1942. The wreck is at a depth of 20 meters, which requires experience to dive. Sulina is undoubtedly the largest and most interesting wreck in Odessa, however this option is available only for experienced divers.