Sightseeing + catacombs

Sightseeing + catacombs tour detail

odessa sightseeing + catacombs

Duration - 3 hours

Cost for 1 person - €35

Cost for 2-3 people - €45

More than 3 people - €15 per person

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Walking mixed tour inclusions

Special mixed city tour, which includes Odessa sightseeing excursion and visit to catacombs.

  • Sightseeing part. Duration - 2.5 hours. Take place within old town and includes main city attractions, like usual walking tour. During this part you will know major historical facts about Odessa with the most remarkable city sights.
  • Catacombs part. Duration - 30 min. We will visit little museum inside Odessa catacombs, which located withing old city. Museum placed in abandoned tunnels under living houses. It is not big museum, but suitable enough to make fast glance on catacombs.
    Attention, this is not partisan museum that we visit during regular tour in catacombs! During mixed tour, we make express tour to so-called catacombs of Cantacuzin.

Five reasons to make mixed tour

  • Making this tour, you save approximately €5-10 for each person.
  • Two most popular city tours in Odessa for 3 hours.
  • You have a fear of closed space, but still want to visit catacombs? Since catacombs of Cantacuzin is small, you can immediately go out in case of panic attack.
  • Good option to make first acquaintance with Odessa, without too much information.
  • All places of interest located within old town, so you won't lose a time for transferring.

Bus sightseeing + catacombs tour detail

odessa sightseeing + catacombs

Duration - 4 hours

Cost for 5-7 people - €20 per person

More then 7 people - €25 per person

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Sightseeing + catacombs with transport

Two excursions in one city tour for big group or company. We offer double tour with transport that include sightseeing and catacombs Odessa tour.

  • Sightseeing part. Duration - 2 hours. Take place in historical center and includes main points of interest like regular sightseeing tour. All famous attractions like Opera house, Potemkin stairs, City Garden or Primorsky boulevard are included. Sightseeing part includes general history of Odessa for two centuries and stories about daily life of regular citizens.
  • Catacombs part. Duration - 2 hours. We will visit main museum preserve of Odessa catacombs in suburbs. Preserve takes approximately one kilometer of catacombs maze, where hidden resistance squad during WW2. This is the best way to feel atmosphere of place and to know what happened here with people during the war.

Changeable options of the tour

Also you can choose character of double tour. Usually we do catacombs tour in partizan museum preserve. But it can be changed on wild catacombs tour! Sightseeing part, in its turn, can be changed on Jewish tour. You decide what topic you interesting in, but time of double tour will be same - 4 hours. Information about see on page of other city tours.