Odessa Passage

Odessa Passage is a beautiful monumental hotel building, constructed in late 19 century. Building of Passage represent the golden era of Odessa, time of prosperity and stability. Today this building considering as one place to visit for tourists. Like a time before, inner yard of the Passage include souvenirs shops, cafes, barbers and antiquity shop.

odessa passage

Odessa Passage – hall

History of the Passage

Passage planned as a hotel mixed with trade shops. Such way the owner of hotel had additional income. Strike the people by its size, hotel included many innovations like electricity, lift and even bathhouse. Even under the floor of main gallery, placed special mechanical system for delivering goods to trade shops. Because of innovations and considering the most famous brand shops located is Passage yard, whole complex became kind of a modern type of trade mall.

odessa passage


Architecture of Odessa Passage

By all means architecture was designed to amaze the visitor. First floor designed for shopping arcades and the rest was hotel rooms. Main neo baroque style mixed with moorish one, which you can see in entrance arches. Such architectural mix was quite regular in late 19 century, especially for commercial buildings. Attentive tourist will notice many symbols all over the building. Stucco decor represent figures of ancient greek gods, maskarons, various symbols of modernity and hidden messages.

odessa passage

Inside the gallery

Tourist places around

Since Passage stands in a middle of Odessa travel map, there are lot of things to see around. First of all Passage located on a corner of two big streets: Diribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya. This area are full of restaurants, bars, exchange points, cafes, boutiques and city attractions.

  • Cathedral Square – big square, which includes central orthodox church, monument to Prince Vorontsov and souvenir market. Also here gather painters who selling their works. You can find them around fountain from the back of cathedral.
  • City Garden – little green park for rest and making photo. Garden includes color fountain, music gazebo and many bronze sculptures. This place is always included in any city tour, as it’s old sight. Besides, around City Garden are many restaurants and cafes where one can rest after sightseeing tour, or listening street musicians.
  • Deribasovskaya street – main street of Odessa, that everyone should to see. Half of Deribasovskaya is pedestrian zone for walking.The place attracts tourist by dozen of popular restaurants, bars, cafes, apartments for rent and major sight – City Garden. Also here located many money exchange office and banks.