Odessa catacombs tour

Secrets of underground tour details

odessa catacombs tour

Odessa catacombs bunker

Duration - 2 hours

Price for 1-5 people - €15 per person

More than 5 people - €12 per person

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Catacombs tour inclusions

  • Place - catacombs tunnels + museum installations.
  • Safety - fortified walls and ceiling - completely safe for tourists.
  • Info - history facts, stories, legends.
  • Distance - 2 km under the ground.
  • Location - catacombs under the city.
  • Guide - full tour time with private guide.
  • Time - any time for a private group.

One of existing catacombs Odessa tour passes in a big underground museum. You will go down 25 meters in depth, into abandoned mines tunnels under city streets. Going down into catacombs you will see soviet bomb shelter and mines tunnels with museum installations, which represent different pages of Odessa catacombs history from XIX until XX century. Total length of tour route in catacombs is 2 kilometers.

What is "Secrets of underground Odessa" museum?

odessa catacombs tourThis abandoned bunker is a network of communications, specially equipped to hide commanding staff of Soviet army in case of nuclear strike. Catacombs bunker has numerous rooms, chambers for cleaning water or air, residential compartments. Also in museum-bunker there are expositions of partisan movement during WW2, exhibition of smuggling in catacombs, an underground church, robbery refuge, and various installations.

"Secrets of undeground Odessa" is one of most interesting options among catacombs Odessa tours. The length of museum is nearly two kilometers. Catacombs bunker hid under old city and is completely safe for tourists. All visitors receive equipment free of charge: helmets and flashlights. Excursion to "Secrets of undeground Odessa" museum is appropriate option for those who want to make underground tour, but do not want to make tour in wild Odessa catacombs.

Odessa catacombs tour below the city

Underground museum located inside secret bomb shelter of a Cold War times. It was a time, when world expected the frozen conflict between USSR and USA turn into a hot stage with using atomic weapons. As a result, government created hundreds bomb shelters in old catacomb mines under Odessa. The net of a bunker communications with a tunnels of 19 century, formed highly entangled maze under living houses overground. For a long time the catacombs visited only local diggers, searching interesting places to see and produced many rumors of a haunted, which hide in Odessa labyrinth. Currently the labyrinth open for travelers and active people, who like to explore unusual places and don't afraid closed space.

Wild catacombs tour details

odessa catacombs tour

Odessa catacombs natural view

Duration - 2.5 hours

Price for 1-5 people - €25 per person

Price for 5-10 people + €17 per person

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Wild catacombs tour inclusions

  • Place - non-tourist part of Odessa catacombs.
  • Info - history facts, stories, legends.
  • Time - 2.5 hours underground.
  • Distance - 7 km route.
  • Location - catacombs under Odessa.
  • Guide - will accompany you all time.

odessa catacombs tour

Abandoned military bunker in catacombs

What the difference from other tours?

  • Prepare to visit non-tourist catacombs maze, which know only local urban exploration community.
  • We open for you most coolest places inside Odessa catacombs: wild labyrinth of abandoned mines, nature caves, sunken tunnels, secret military refuges, resistance base of WW2 and much more.
  • Real catacombs in their natural condition: no light, no smooth road, need to climb, low sellar sometimes and many awesome locations.
  • Better for active people, who can make walk for hours, don't fear closed space and tough underground air, but searching for unforgettable impression and wondering to realy understand what is Odessa catacombs maze.

How wild tour is going?

We get down into catacombs in old city and start our route. Going from point to point, we observe most interesting places, making break for a rest and to drink tea. The guide explain the specific of underground labyrinth, answering questions and tell facts and city legends about catacombs. After 3 hours of exploration we get out in the same place we started.

What equipment you need

  • Shoes. Comfortable closed shoe (no sandals or flip flops)
  • Legs. Take clothes like overalls or jeans (prepare to dirtying them a little)
  • Light. Flashlights and helmets to protect one's head, we give for free

Wild Odessa catacombs tour details

odessa catacombs tour

Odessa catacombs tour - abandoned mine tunnels

Duration - 2 hours

Price for 1-5 people - €20 per person

More than 5 people + €15 per person

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Wild catacombs tour inclusions

  • Place - wild part of Odessa catacombs.
  • Info - history facts, stories, legends.
  • Time - 2 hours underground.
  • Distance - 2.5 km route.
  • Location - suburbs or outside the city.
  • Guide - will accompany you all time.

Wild Odessa catacombs tour

Odessa catacombs tour wild catacombs

Artificial maze of Odessa catacombs

Wild tour passes inside so-called wild catacombs. Wild catacomsb tour take place not in museum preserve. You won't see here museum WW2 exhibition or anything else, except endless tunnels of catacombs. There is no light underground, you can get dirty, you need to go in helmets on your head and flashlights in your hands. Wild tour can be much longer in time, because the route of such excursion is several kilometers.

What you will see?

Experienced guides make excursion through most beautiful and safe sections of wild Odessa underground. Nevertheless, we should not forget that they are not in vain called wild. Here nothing adapted for the comfort of tourists. Wild catacombs tour can last from 1.5 - 8 hours, depending on client's desire.

What the aim to visit wild catacombs?

Wild  Odessa catacombs tour is suitable for those, who want to feel maximum of atmosphere in catacombs, to appreciate whole scale of this phenomenon, its peculiar beauty and gloominess. It is worth remembering that inside wild catacombs were not carried out strengthening work, and therefore we go down at our own peril and risk.

Tour to catacombs preserve details

Odessa catacombs tour

Catacombs museum preserve

Duration - 1 hour

Price for 1-4 people - €10 per person

Price for 4-15 people - €15 per person

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Catacombs tour inclusions

  • Place - Odessa catacombs + Partizan museum installations.
  • Safety - fortified walls and ceiling - completely safe for travelers.
  • Info - history facts, stories, legends.
  • Time - 1 hour underground (+ 1 hour to and back road).
  • Distance - 1 km route.
  • Location - out of the city.
  • Guide - will accompany you all time (museum + road to and back).

What are Odessa catacombs

World largest underground labyrinth below Odessa! Catacombs are endless tunnels of abandoned mine workings of 19th century. This network of branched underground tunnels, stretching under Odessa city and suburbs.  Odessa catacombs tour is very popular among the others city tours, and passes completely underground.

We provide 5 different Odessa catacombs tour. Each tour differ by duration and place of visit. For example, there are express tour - 30 minutes or 3-hour tour of exploring Odessa catacombs. Tour in wild part can be more than 3 hours. One can find below all possible options of Odessa catacombs tour, as well as prices, type of tour and specifity.

Partizan museum preserve (catacombs of Odessa)

Basic catacombs Odessa tour takes place in underground museum built in 1960 year. During WW2, Odessa was occupied by romanians troops. Nevertheless, Soviet regime created in Odessa catacombs a base for resistance squad. A little more than a decade after the end of the war, in catacombs systems where partisans hid, appeared special museum preserve of this partisan detachment.

odessa catacombs tour partizan museum

Odessa сatacombs tour in Partizan museum

Reserve is a real catacombs?

Yes, beyond all doubt, there is no much difference between preserve part of catacombs and wild one. Descending into underground maze, you immediately feel specific atmosphere of this place, and adding a little imagination, understand what it means to live eight months in catacombs, surrounded by darkness, dampness and endless underground tunnels.

WW2 catacombs history

Odessa catacombs museum reserve located in old mine tunnels and represent undeground base of partizans. A small exposition inside this museum intended to show the living conditions of resistance during WW2. How partizans lived in catacombs, how they fought against enemy and suffered with difficult conditions of  underground war.

What expect inside?

This Odessa catacombs tour runs through the museum territory inside catacombs. Here in museum your safety is guaranteed, walls and ceilings are strengthened, and inside it there can not be surprises. In rare cases, there may not be light inside, which is due to its disconnection on surface. In such cases, excursion groups in museum move with flashlights and candles. But this happens rarely. Usually museum is well lit by electric lamps for a more comfortable visit. We can say that such a civilized way to visit catacombs, is suitable for people who want to learn the history of Odessa catacombs with convenience and without risk.

Escape quest in catacombs details

odessa catacombs tour

Escape quest in Odessa catacombs

Duration - 1.5 hours

Price for 1 person - €15 

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Escape game in Odessa catacombs

odessa catacombs tour

Odessa network catacombs

For people who do not like lot of historical information, but want to get full impression of Odessa catacombs, we offer special quest tour. Quest tour takes place in wild catacombs in form of escape game. Participants of tour will have a map of tunnels, after which a group or teams, diverges in different directions and using map, search for an exit from Odessa underground labyrinth.

Does it safe?

Quest tour is entirely safe, as it passes in a closed system of catacombs with one exit. During quest, there will be conductors inside catacombs who will find you, if you do not find way out for allotted time. Before conducting quest, we gave special instruction how to navigate in Odessa catacombs and don't get into panic.

Why you need to try escape game?

Quest tour is interesting for those, who want to have full experience of gloomy atmosphere inside Odessa catacombs. Tour is a good chance to test yourself and own strength in an extreme situation. Despite the fact that all participants have tunnels maps, it is rather difficult to navigate inside catacombs. Nevertheless, all the time of catacombs existence, for various reasons, people lived here, hiding or waged war. It's not important were they partisans of WW2, or simply fans of thrill. All of them have experienced an unusual underground atmosphere, and have learned how to navigate along endless tunnels of underground Odessa. This is what we propose to test you during active tour in catacombs.

Join the group details

odessa catacombs tour

The Odessa network

Duration - 2 hours

Price for 1 person - €15 

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What should to remember

  • Excursion to the biggest museum preserve in catacombs.
  • Museum located in the city, to get there one can use taxi or uber.
  • Group gathering takes place 3 times a day at strict time!
  • One should be in time, otherwise excursion starts without you!
  • Entrance fees, guide, helmets, lights - included to a price.

Catacombs excursion details

  • Catacombs history from the appearing until nowadays: stories, facts, legends of catacombs haunted.
  • Many catacombs locations: WW2 resistance base, nuclear bomb shelter, karst caves, underground labyrinth, installations of museum preserve.
  • Geology and paleontology: underground lakes, Pontic ocean, pra-historical animals, particular qualities of pontic limestone, the odessa network inhabitants.
  • Catacombs stories: missing people, smugglers storages, revolutionary refuge, partisans base.

Express tour in Odessa catacombs details

odessa catacombs tour

Odessa catacombs history museum

Duration - 30 min

Price for 1 person - €5 

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Express tour inclusions

  • Place - museum in catacombs.
  • Info - history facts, stories, legends.
  • Time - 30 min. underground.
  • Distance - couple of underground rooms.
  • Location - old city.
  • Guide - fee and private guide are into the price.

Express Odessa catacombs tour

There is a small museum within Odessa old town,  located in a usual residential yard. This is very typical for catacombs, because entrances to them can be anywhere. Museum will help you feel the ​​catacombs, without going deeply into labyrinth.

Convenience of express tour

You have not enough time, but wish to know, what are the catacombs of Odessa? Express tour in catacombs within the city is what you need. Also this option is suitable for those who do not have a lot of time for go down underground, for those who want to look at catacombs with only one eye. If you can panic when you are in an enclosed space, it's not scary, because this mine itself is small, and exit is very close. This museum has electric lighting and it is completely safe.

Besides, there is possibility to visit catacombs of Cantacuzin during Odessa sightseeing, as an additional object for inspection. Visit our special page of mixed Odessa tours.

How catacombs appeared under city buildings?

Catacombs below Odessa city located under usual houses. Most entrances are closed, because of safety. Nevertheless, lot of buildings within the city have a secret subterranean tunnels. These are so-called house mines.

Odessa сatacombs tour refuge undeground

Odessa сatacombs tour - city museum

House-mines were used by citizens as refrigerators for storing perishable products. Temperature in such mines is always the same. They are located under simple houses of 19th century in old town. Such underground storage facilities are very large, and are often connected to each other.

In the quarters adjacent to port, mines and catacombs form one network of tunnels. Often, large entrepreneurs stored in them some goods unloaded in port.