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Odessa is a city located in a South of Ukraine, on Black Sea coast. It is a major port, leading tourist, cultural, educational and commercial center of region. It is easy make a fly to Odessa from any country, since there is International airport. On our page you can find suitable flights to Odessa (Ukraine) and book them. ODS airport belongs to the group of largest airports of country and connected by air lines with all major cities of Ukraine, Eastern Europe, as well as countries of Western Europe, Asia and Africa. Flights to Odessa are carried out by two dozen airlines from around the world.

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Odessa International airport

Direct flights to Odessa (Ukraine)

ODS airport has lot of air communication with different cities of the world. Number of flights and directions depend on season. Choice of flight directions in summer, as well as daily flights, is much larger. Regular flights, several times a day to Odessa in summer, take place from such cities as:

Antalya (Turkey)Krakow (Poland)
Ankara (Turkey)Vilnius (Lithuania)
Istanbul (Turkey)Dubai (UAE)
Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)Yerevan (Armenia)
Berlin (Germany)Minsk (Belarus)
Frankfurt (Germany)Prague (Czech Republic)
Batumi (Georgia)Riga (Latvia)
Tbilisi (Georgia)Thessaloniki (Greece)
Vienna (Austria)Tallinn (Estonia)
Warsaw (Poland)Tel Aviv (Israel)

Your city has no direct flights to Odessa?

If your city does not have a direct flight to Odessa, you have two options: find biggest international airport from your country, or make direct flight to closest airport near Odessa, or around Ukraine. That’s why, we made a list of most convenient international airports for traveling to Odessa. Nearest airport to Odessa Ukraine is next:

  1. Kiev airport (KBP – map). The main airport in a capital of Ukraine. There are many low-cost airlines to Kiev from big cities of Europe, Middle East and America. In KBP airport one can have transfer to any big city. Ukrainian airlines provide direct flights to Odessa many times a day. Travel to Odessa by plane takes 1 hour. Except that, it’s quite easy to get from Kiev to Odessa by train or bus.
  2. Chisinau airport (KIV – map). Central International airport of Moldova. One easily can find cheap flight to KIV airport, since there are many low-cost airlines. Except that, Chisinau located very close to Odessa and this is important, especially when travel by land. There is no much sense to fly from Chisinau to Odessa, because it flights through Kiev. So it takes a lot of time, around 4.5 hours. Ukrainian railways appearently the most convinient way for traveling from Chisinau to Odessa.
  3. Istanbul airport (IST – map). International airport in Instanbul. One of the biggest airport with direct flights to Odessa. Flying from Istanbul takes only 1.5 hours. IST has many international connections, so it’s not a problem to find suitable flight. Also, it’s good route to save some money. For example, airfares from Kiev to Odessa cost much more, than from Istanbul. So, while planning visit Odessa,  always make sense to check out flights from this point.
  4. Lviv airport (LWO – map). International airport of Lviv. This is a western air gate of Ukraine. The airport works with couple of big low-costers, such as Wizzair, Pegasus and Airbaltica. So one can get to the city cheaply, but unfortunately there is no direct flights to Odessa from LWO. That’s why choosing this route, better to continue trip to Odessa by train or bus.
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Ukraine International Airlines – UIA

Odessa airport transfer

International airport is located in south-west of the city. Distance from airport to city center is 8.5 km. When using land transport it is approximately about 30-40 minutes drive. Since there is no airport shuttle to city center, the only way to get there is taxi service and public transport. There are only trolley-bus №14 and bus №117 on a route. They starts from airport and goes to Odessa train station. It is good option when you need to save money on taxi, or just try local way of transfering. Check our special page concerning transport from airport.

Low-cost airlines to Odessa

In spite of the fact that this is a very popular flight destination, low cost airlines still do not fly to the ODS. This is relevant today – January 2019. It is more than strange, but totally depends of airport policy. That’s why today, the cheapest flights to Ukraine is available only to Kiev, Lviv or Kharkiv. In a table below one can see the list of low-costers that have connection with Ukraine. Also there are biggest ukrainian airports with IATA code of each one. Notice, that Kiev has two airports. IEV located within the city and KBP out of Kiev.

Ukraine citiesLow-costers
Kiev – KBPAirarabia, Airbaltic, Flydubai
Kiev – IEVSkyup, Wizzair, Ernest airlines, Vueling airlines, Pegasus
Lviv – LWOWizzair, Skyup, Pegasus, Airbaltic, Ernest airlines
Kharkiv – HRKPegasus, Skyup, Wizzair