Odessa walking tour

Walking tour Odessa detail

odessa walking tour

Pushkin monument

Duration – 2.5 hours

Price for 1 person – €12 per person

More than 5 people + €10 per person

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  • Location – old city area: main Odessa attractions & sigths
  • Info – history behind the buildings: from foundation until nowadays
  • Places – old yards, squares, monuments, architectural ensembles, secret places

Five reasons to make walking sightseeing

  • Comfort. Old city is small and contain few pedestrian areas, which is better to sightseeing during a walk.
  • Saving. Without transport you save money on its cost and don’t waste time in traffic jams.
  • Inclusions. Walking tour include all main city attractions, so you won’t miss any important Odessa sights.
  • Flexibility. We can change the route at any time and do as much stops, as we want.
  • Communication. You have an opportunity to chat with a guide all about.
odessa walking tour

Odessa Opera House

Walking tour include:

Walking tour passes along central Odessa streets, such as: Deribasovskaya, Lanzheronovskaya, Ekaterininskaya,
Pushkinskaya and Rishel’evskaya. The net of these streets formed city quarters, were concentrated most famous place of interest in Odessa. You’ll see next squares: Cathedral, Catherine (Ekaterininskaya), Dumskaya and Theater one. Moreover, we’ll walk near two little old parks: City Garden and Pale Royal.

Also walking tour Odessa includes two pedestrian area of old city: Deribasovskaya and Primorsky boulevard.  You’ll see many architectural monuments. Main of them are: Preobrajensky Cathedral, Passege, Tolstoy palace, House with one wall, Vorontsov palace, House with atlantes, Mothe in law bridge, Potemkin stairs, Half-circle buildings, English club, City Hall, Archaeological museum ect.

Odessa walking tour: sights & attractions

odessa walking tour

Odessa walking tour – Theater Square

During Odessa walking tour you will see main promenade which includes:

Primorsky boulevard – main pedestrian ensemble and must-see part of any walking tour. The place of holding citywide events, concerts, festivals and much more. It is a beautiful green zone with a descent to the port. Primorsky Boulevard includes a number of major attractions, such as:

Potemkin Stairs – the scene of famous film by Sergei Eisenstein. One of Odessa attractions which is known all over the world. On it you can go down to civil part of port and take a walk at the piers.

Duke de Richelieu monument – famous governor-general of the region on early 19th century. That monument itself and square around it is visiting card of Odessa.

Archaeological excavations of ancient greek city – are the remains of an ancient Greek city, located on the site of modern city.

Alexander Pushkin monument – playwright, novelist, greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.

English Cannon – a kind of monument to a small episode of Crimean War.

City Hall building – snow white building in classical style with a colonnade and a small square in front of it.
Now it’s a city hall, but before that it served a completely different purpose…

odessa walking tour

Duke de Richelieu

Popular walking tour foto-zone

Theater Square – is one of main cities attraction, represent an ensemble of several municipal buildings of 19th century, such as:

Odessa Opera and Ballet theatre – main attraction, known throughout the world. Best opera house in Eastern Europe and must-see sightseeing for any tourist during any city tour Odessa.

English club building – is a low construction, which served as a meeting point for the city nobility.

Archaeological museum – stylized like antique temple with a copy of the statue of Laocoon in front of its entrance.

Vorontsov Palace – is the residence of Prince Vorontsov. That palace complex includes a colonnade and the palace itself, a sample of aristocratic houses of Russian Empire of first half of 19th century.

Odessa walking tour is pretty suitable offer for tourists. When you don’t have enough time, or you prefer to first get acquainted with the guide, then this tour is for you. Walking tour passes through main Odessa sights that is not nessesary observing from the bus.

Moreover, old city rather small and there are lot of pedestrian zones. That is why sightseeing by bus, or car is rather uncomfortable, especially because of city traffics. What is important, you pay only guide, so there is no additional price for car or bus!