odessa ukraine quarantine

Odessa covid restrictions

Quarantine in Odessa Ukraine started in 2020. Couple of times the government announced total lockdown and the last one was in January 2021. Despite the fact that the covid restrictions were quite strict, today ordinary citizens ignore most of them and going their own.
Day trips from Odessa

Missile base museum

Ukraine travel map includes many classic attractions, such as castles, fortresses, landscapes. But there are couple of places, that cannot be found anywhere in the world. One of these attractions is former secret missile base of USSR strategic missile forces. Recently opened for tourists, base-museum allows acquaintance with top-secret soviet weapons of Cold War.
Chateau de Lacarin

Chateau de Lacarin

Chateau de Lacarin is a private winery near Odessa. Wine produced by Christophe Lacarin is eco product and one can teste it during the day trips from Odessa (Ukraine).
cheap flights odessa

Lowcosters. Odessa flights news 2019

Good news for all who prepare to travel Odessa in 2019! Couple of low costers opens new destination from Europe to Ukraine.