is odessa safe

Odessa safe for travelers, part 3

Money exchange tips Speaking about is Odessa safe for travelers, we need to mention another one thing. Many tourists from abroad, perhaps, believe that non-cash payment […]
transport odessa observing

Odessa public transport

Odessa public transport. Main transport interchange There are couple points within old part of Odessa, here you can take city transport to any city district. Train station […]
is odessa safe for travelers

Odessa safe for travelers, part 2

Whatch you phone Especialy in summer season, when thousands of tourist come to Odessa, many people become the target of a pickpocket. It can happens it […]
flee market odessa street vendors

Flee market Odessa

Choosing where to go in Odessa Ukraine, many tourists choose well-known places that usually can be find in any travel guide. At the same time, locals […]