cheap flights odessa

Lowcosters. Odessa flights news 2019

Good news for all who prepare to travel Odessa in 2019! Couple of low costers opens new destination from Europe to Ukraine.
what language does ukraine speak

Language that Ukraine speak

What language do they speak in Odessa, Kiev, Lviv and other cities in Ukraine. How to recognize and differ ukrainian and russian languages? Special tips of how to find english speaking locals in Ukraine and what misunderstanding may happen because of bilingual.
odessa airport to city center

Odessa Airport transfer

Detailed info about how to get from Odessa airport to city center. Describing of two city transports that connect airport with old city. How to find bus stop near airport and map of the route. Read detailed instruction of how to track city transport from airport, where it going and how to pay for it.
transport odessa observing

Odessa public transport

Page about spicifity of Odessa public transport: tram, trolley-bus and bus. Advices for tourists who going to use it. Describing of most convenient transport and routes for tourists. How public transport works, how track it online, what expect and what is better to avoid. Is there city cards, how to pay and price of it.