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Ukraine travel map includes many classic attractions, such as castles, fortresses, landscapes. But there are couple of places, that cannot be found anywhere in the world. One of these attractions is former secret missile base of USSR strategic missile forces. Recently opened for tourists, base-museum allows acquaintance with top-secret soviet weapons of Cold War. Secret base hidden from prying eyes, located far from large cities in countryside. Therefore, to get to missile forces museum, you need to make day trip from Odessa or Kiev.

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Opening missile silo

Preparing nuclear war

During the Cold War, at least 1/3 of Soviet nuclear weapons were in Ukraine. This is not surprising, since Ukraine used to produce parts for nuclear missiles. Moreover, Ukraine is closer to potential enemies of USSR – Western countries, so most nuclear strikes should be done from its territory. That is why Soviet command deployed here part of special Strategic Missile Forces, whos’ service was to control intercontinental ballistic missiles on land.

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RT-23/SS-24 missile

Base in the fields

Missile bases usually placed in the field amid of well guarded zone and represents the system of launch silos connected under the ground. Subterrain command post looks like a huge iron pipe of eleven compartments. Single command post could work even being isolated, which was very possible in case of nuclear strike. External entrance to underground communications withstands direct nuclear strike. Hidden facilities still work perfectly and during the tour is possible to visit underground compartments.

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Entrance to Command Post

From base to museum

After collapse of Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited huge amount of atomic weapons. In 1994, government signed an agreement against nuclear weapon, so all missile bases were liquidated. Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads were given to Russia, thirty launch silos flooded with concrete and abandoned. Once secret base fell into disrepair, until in 2001 turned into special museum of Strategic Missile Forces. So now you can press the red button without catastrophic consequences.

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Command post from the surface

What to see on the base

Museum features either open areas with various Soviet weapons, indoor exhibits and visit to underground bunker. Outdoor exhibition includes military enginery like huge trucks and train for missiles transportation as well as many types of continental and intercontinental missiles. For tank lovers, you can sit inside Soviet IS-3 tank and imagine the third world war on land.

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P-13 missile of Caribbean crisis