3 days tour in Odessa

3 days Odessa vacation packages detail

tour in odessa

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Duration – 20 hours

Price for 1 person – $460

Price for 2-3 persons – $595

Price for 4-6 persons – $745

More then 6 persons – $105 per person

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3 days tour in Odessa. Vacation package

Day first:

  1. Double city tour – all Odessa attractions are included: catacombs + Potemkin Stairs, Opera House, City Garden, Deribasovskaya, Primorsky boulevard, palace of Count Vorontsov, monument to Duke de Richelieu, Catherine square, Passage.
  2. Lunch break – we advice you good restaurant of local food.
  3. Visit Odessa Art Museum – biggest city gallery of painting. You’ll see the works of: Ivan Aivazovsky, Wassily Kandinsky, Mikhail Vrubel, Ilya Repin, Nicholas Roerich, Isaac Levitan, Valentin Serov and the others.
  4. Evening concert in Opera and Ballet Theatre – opera performance or ballet show.

Day second:

  1. Excursion to oldest male monastery – 19 century monastery of orthodox church with a beautiful territory and remarkable history.
  2. Visit open air World War II Memorial – large museum complex with Soviet military equipment like tanks, guns, airplanes, etc. Also there is little museum dedicated to the defence of Odessa during SWW.
  3. Lunch break – meal in good restaurant.
  4. Visit museum of Modern Art – interactive gallery dedicated to contemporary art of local artists.
  5. Evening concert in Odessa Philharmonic theater – evening of classical music performed by Odessa philharmonic orchestra.

Day third:

  1. Trip to Belgorod Dnestrovsky – visit little town near Odessa to sightseeing medieval turkish Akkerman fortress. Near the fortress, you can see archaeological excavations of the ancient city Tire. Akkerman fortress itself located on shores of picturesque estuary, which is very beautiful place full of history.

  2. Visit Shabo wine museum – Near Belgorod Dnestrovsky located big wine factory Shabo. It is a centre of vine culture of region and the factory opened for visitors. People come here to learn history of region, see special museum, observe how the factory works, as well as buy local products in a special store.
    * notice, that excursion to Shabo can include tasting of local wines! In this case the price will change a little.

Tour inclusions:

  1. Airport pick-up\drop-off – private transfers in comfortable car according to number of people and luggages.
  2. Hotel drop-on\pick-up – leave luggages and start city tour.
  3. English speaking guide – accompanies you throughout the tour.
  4. Private transfers – transport for all our needs.

Tour exclusions:

  1. Plane tickets are not included. Find suitable flights to Odessa for you according to price and dates.
  2. Hotel accommodation. You able to book hotel according to your prefers.
  3. Meals at your expense.

Changeable options of Odessa vacation

  • You can choose any museum in Odessa instead of proposed ones.
  • We can find and book appropriate city hotel. In this case the price of accomodation will add to a cost of tour package.
  • You able to choose any restaurant according to your wishes.
  • We include most optimal city tours in program. But if you want something special, check list of city tours.