Day trips from Odessa

Day trip to Akkerman details

day trips from odessa ukraine

Fortress view

Duration - 5.5 hours

Price for 1 person - €35

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Visit Belgorod Dnestrovsky fortress

Day trip from Odessa to satellite town with big medieval fortress. This tour includes sightseeing of Belgorod Dnestrovsky and its main attraction - Akkerman fortress. This small town is perfect place for seeing beautiful view of castle, acquainted with history and observe couple architecture monuments. Besides, one can taste a wine on Shabo factory, make boat trip or fishing on Dniester estuary.

day trips from odessa ukraine

Akkerman fortress

Belgorod day tour inclusions

  • Excursion to Akkerman fortress
  • Observing archeological excavations
  • Entrance tickets
  • Personal guide
  • Transfer from Odessa and back

Time and places for sightseeing

Distance between Odessa and Belgodor is 85 km, so the road to and back takes approximately 3 hours. One should consider road time to understand how many time you have for sightseeing Belgorod Dnestrovsky. Also decide, whether you want to visit only fortress, or  with other town attractions. Tourist information concerning points of interest, check on special page about Belgorod Dnestrovsky.

Private vinery tour details

day trips from odessa ukraine

Chateau Lacarin

Duration - 7 hours

Price for 1 person - €48

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Chateau Lacarin tour inclusions

  • Wine tasting with hospitable owner
  • Production process observing
  • Guide support
  • Transfer to and back
  • Opportunity to buy wine

Why day trip from Odessa to Chateau Lacarin

  • Adults - tasting a good wine made by old french recipes, but grew up on Ukrainian land. See the mystery of local wine production. To have pleasant chat with the owner all about: wine, business, history, life stories etc.
  • Kids - to see a life of a countryside people, different domestic animals, breathing a fresh air, taste natural local food.
  • Eco - read the full story about Chateau de Lacarin. This tour supports small business of eco producing in Ukraine.

Why the tour is special?

Private winery by Christophe Lacarin is a wonderful opportunity to be involved into agro tourism of Ukraine. Escaping mass tourism places and brands pressure, you able to see family business of a man, who making his own unique wine, constantly wagging a war against brand monopolists, government corruptionist and local enviers. Like a grape trying to survive in unfavorable environment, Christophe continuing to make a wonderful wine, which is not possible to buy in a regular shops. We pursue two aims: support this man and small agricultural business, also show to people the real life and circumstances in Ukraine behind the commercial glossiness.

Shabo wine factory tour details

day trips from odessa ukraine

Shabo brand

Duration - 7 hours

Price for 1 person - €40

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Day trip to Shabo - inclusions

  • Visit Shabo winery: excursion to museum and degustation

    Day trips from Odessa

    Shabo winery Museum

  • Visit to Cheese farm brand shop
  • Private guide throughout the tour
  • Comfortable transfer

Excursion program

  • Museum - good designed place intended to show history pages of Shabo village and wine producing. Museum exhibition starts from ancient greek times, through the centuries until nowadays. You will know the story of swiss colonists of 19th century, which left their country and found Shabo colony. Couple of museum rooms represent hard times of World War 2 and soviet era, when the wine quality get down and the colony turns into Kolkhoz.
  • Factory yard - guide shows people the factory facilities, wine cellars and yard with a garden. During this part of tour you will know what happen with a grape harvest, when it comes to the factory: purification, distillation, fermentation and other winemaking processes.
  • Degustation - final part of excursion, where you able to learn to differ wines and taste six types of factory product. Tasting take place in a special hall, afterwards all the people go back through brand shop.

Day trips from Odessa to Shabo

Shabo - village known by wine brand - Shabo. In the village located big wine factory, which is opened for a tourists. Regular tours include visit to museum and excursion around factory. Also you can order excursion to Shabo with tasting of wine, or without. Besides, there works Shabo wine shop, with factory products. So, even if you order tour without tasting, there is opportunity to buy wine afterwards.

day trips from odessa ukraine

Shabo winery

Visit local cheese farm

To have full gustro tour, there is additional place to visit. Right near Shabo wine factory located cheese farm. Cheese farm also opened for visitors and group of tourists. As a part of a day trip we can make excursion on farm with cheese tasting. You can visit special restaurant, taste different cheese and buy farm production in company shop.

Day trips from Odessa details

day trips from odessa ukraine

Duration - 8.5 hours

Price for 1 person - €55

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Day trip to Akkerman fortress + Shabo winery 

day trips from odessa ukraine

Shabo wine factory yard

This tour includes two place of interest out of Odessa: trip to Belgorod Dnestrovsky and Shabo wine factory. You will see the biggest medieval fortress on south of Ukraine with a beautiful view on a Dniester estuary. Sightseeing part we mixed with gastro tour to Shabo village, that include visit to factory museum wine degustation. Also as additional point of tour we make stop at Cheese farm, where you can taste local product and visit brand shop.

Tour inclusions

  • Sightseeing Belgorod Dnestrovsky fortress
  • Visit to Shabo winery: museum + degustation (6 samples of local wines)
  • Visit to local Cheese farm
  • Private english speaking guide
  • Comfortable transfer

Odessa tourism map includes not only the city itself. There are lot of places to visit during day trips from Odessa. We offer different day tours according to client prefers. It can be sightseeing of towns neaby, gustro tours to factories, extreme river rafting or nature trips.