Rent villa in Odessa

Odessa (Ukraine) villas for rent and it benefits

This list offers you the choice of suitable houses for rent. Rented villa is a great opportunity to spend time on your territory, and on your terms. Villas are usually located close to Black Sea, in resort area of ​​the city. You can choose a house for your taste: a small cozy one with a green garden, or a large one with an open area and a pool for parties. Use search system and read tips of rent villa Odessa properly.

Style in while

Before rent villa Odessa, you should decide how you will spend your vacation. It refers to style of your summer vacation, and your preferences. For example, you rent a house for yourself, assuming a quiet family vacation on your territory. Or maybe you want to rent villa for noisy parties with lots of guests. Having decided the nature of your vacation, you can find out exactly whether your conditions will suit to landlord.

rent villa odessa

Odessa Villa le Premier (click on foto)

Rent villa Odessa tips

It is always better to discuss with landlord all terms of lease. Find out what amenities are included in service. It can be anything: wifi, fridge or open pool. List of what landlord provides is usually in description. However, do not rely solely on description, it is always better to express your wishes in order to avoid surprises. For example, how many people will live in villa during rent-time. Will the price change according to number of guests who can stay on night. If you use a car, your own or rented, ask if there is garage on territory. Check out the map where exactly villa is located, and how far it is from city center.

rent villa odessa

Venezia – villas for rent in Odessa (click on foto)

Villas for rent and obligations

Study contract carefully. Check if the house is insured. What are obligations of landlord in the case of a breakdown of household appliances, or furniture damage. If there is a cleaning of villa, cost of this service and who will pay for it. In rent contract, there must be an item providing forfeit in case of premature termination of lease agreement. Renting a house is a very advantageous offer, especially if you travel with your pets. In usual hotels, animals are forbidden, but when renting a whole house, it is permissible. Of course it should be discussed with landlord.

rent villa odessa

Odessa villa Pinia (click on foto)

Check out villa location

When you going to rent a villa in Odessa, necessarily check out the place of future accommodation. Each offer of rent villa, have specified distance to Odessa city center. This distance could be from 1 until 9 kilometers. Also there specified time of travel to old city and usually this time is wrong. For example, 9 kilometers from city center means, that the road take around 40 minutes. So, if you plan to see city attractions, or simply visit Odessa points of interest, better to rent villa closer to old center.

rent villa odessa ukraine

Luxury villa house – Odessa Ukraine (click on foto)