Odessa Sightseeing tour

Odessa sightseeing tour details

Odessa Sightseeing tour

Sightseeing Odessa - City Hall

Duration - 2.5 hours

Cost for 1 person - $30

Cost for 2-4 people - $40

More than 5 people - $10 per person

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Odessa sightseeing tour info

Odessa sightseeing is number one tour when you visit Odessa Ukraine. Since old city is rather small, most points of interest located very close to each other. Thanks to this, a leisurely two-hour tour covers most of Odessa sights. Sightseeing tour is best option for making excursion into Odessa history, about famous people and interesting facts.

Most famous Odessa sights

  • Odessa sightseeing tour - attractions

    Odessa sightseeing tour - attractions

    Odessa Opera House - main attraction, known throughout the world. Odessa Opera and Ballet theater considering as one of the best in Europe. Its architecture splendor as well as rococo interior, attract every tourist, who travel to Odessa Ukraine. Best opera house in Eastern Europe and must-see sightseeing for any tourist during Odessa city tours.

  • Potemkin Stairs - famous Odessa attraction, wich is known by¬†Sergei Eisenstein movie - Battleship Potemkin. Considering as a gate to Odessa and one of the most unusual architectural construction in Ukraine.¬†It is fair to consider that, if you miss to see Potemkin stairs, you did not see Odessa city.
  • Duke de Richelieu - right on a top of Stairs, placed small monument to most¬†revered person for any true citizen - the Duke.¬†Richelieu¬†froze, making an inviting gesture to everyone who made trip to Odessa.¬†Monument located right in the center of Primorsky boulevard and surrounded by two remarkable half-circle buildings.¬†This sight used to be on all postcards of old time.

Best places for making photo in Odessa

  • Odessa –°ity Garden - is a pleasant green corner in downtown with a fountain, concert gazebo for brass band and many bronze sculptures. Around City Garden located lot of restaurants, cafes and pubs. Favorite photo area between tourists, as well as a place to rest during hot summer days.
  • Primorsky boulevard - main pedestrian ensemble and necessary place to visit in Odessa. City tours passes here everyday, because¬† Primorsky boulevard¬†includes number of major Odessa attractions. Along boulevard located two city parks, few squares, couple of monuments, old palaces, Potemkin stairs, funicular to Odessa port. Also here take place city events, concerts, festivals and much more.
  • Theater square -¬† beautiful area located near Odessa Opera House. Tourists and citizens come here to enjoy illuminated fountain, making photo and rest on a bench. Also Theater square includes couple of marble sculptures and buildings of English club and Archeological museum.

Odessa tourist attractions - historical squares

  • Cathedral square (see on map) - religious center of the city. On that square stands main Orthodox church - Transfiguration Cathedral. Historically cathedral has same age as Odessa city. Cathedral has a rich history, as well as an interesting interior decoration. On Cathedral Square there is also a monument to prince Vorontsov. He was famous field marshal, governor-general of our region and one of most respected man in local history.
  • Catherine square¬†(see on map) - one of most beautiful squares, located in the beginning of¬†Ekaterininskaya street. In center of square placed monument to Catherine the Great and four of her companions.¬†Ekaterininskaya Square - is a witness of¬†political ideas change. For a whole century, on this place was four monuments, replaced each other. Story of monument gives an idea about whole epoch and people who stood at the origins of city. By the way, one can see Ekaterininskaya square through webcam using our page Odessa online.

Architectural Odessa attractions

odessa sightseeing

Odessa sightseeing - City Garden

  • Shah's Palace - that building represents a sample of palace architecture of mid-19th century, stylized as a medieval castle.
  • House with Atlanteans - gainful house of late 19th and early 20th century. House is easy to recognize by unusual architecture, decorated with sculptures of two Atlanteans, that holding on their shoulders sphere of universe.
  • Mother-in-law Bridge - very popular place to visit in Odessa. Snow-white bridge stretching between two high slopes with a beautiful view on the bay and Odessa port. Bridge sways, when people pass through it. Also there is fun legend about bridge name.
  • Vorontsov Palace - residence of Prince Vorontsov. That palace complex includes colonnade and house. Vorontsov palace represent regular aristocratic houses of Russian Empire of first half of 19th century.¬†Today in 2019 continuing renovations of palace.
  • City Hall - snow white building in classical style with a colonnade and so-called Dumskaya square. Now it's a city hall, but before that it served a completely different purpose...
  • One-wall house - attract tourists by unusual view on that peculiar building.¬†House located in Vorontsov lane, where used to make lot of soviet movies.
  • Passage - hotel complex of late 19th century, located near Deribasovskaya street. Remarkable example of commercial architecture, that hid many important symbols¬†in stucco.

Other Odessa points of interest

  • The Cannon - monument to a small episode of Crimean War.
  • Archaeological excavations - remains of an ancient Greek city, located on the site of modern city.
  • Corner of old Odessa - picturesque place and favorite photo area of ‚Äč‚Äčnewlyweds. Here are collected a variety of objects that surrounded citizens in 19th century.
  • Monument to Alexander Pushkin - playwright, novelist, greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.
  • Odessa streets - regular Odessa sightseeing passes in form of pedestrian walk, or by car, along the route, which includes such streets: Deribasovskaya,¬†Ekaterininskaya,¬†Primorsky Boulevard,¬†Lanzheronovskaya,¬†Pushkinskaya and¬†Gogolya.

Moving along these streets, we cover main city attractions, which included into any good Odessa tour. See below the list of places we visit. Such sightseeing tour includes immersion in historical context of founding of Odessa, as well as an inspection of its main attractions.

odessa sightseeing tour catherine square

Sightseeing + Odessa Opera tour details

odessa sightseeing

Opera and Ballet theatre in Odessa

Duration - 3 hours

Cost for 1 person - $35

Cost for 2-3 people - $50

More than 4 people - $15 per person

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What is sightseeing + opera house tour?

This is a special mixed tour that includes regular sightseeing and Odessa opera house tours.

  • Sightseeing part take place around old town and covers most famous city sights.¬†The list of attractions you can find in simple sightseeing tour section.
  • Opera House part totally devoted to Odessa opera. We make excursion to famous Opera and Ballet theater to know its history deeper and observe inner design.

Check our page concerning sightseeing+opera house tour for a details and check additional options of tour.

Sightseeing + catacombs tour details

odessa sightseeing

Famous Odessa catacombs

Duration - 3 hours

Cost for 1 person - $35

Cost for 2-3 people - $45

More than 4 people - $15 per person

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What is sightseeing + catacombs tour?

This city tour includes two thematic program: sightseeing Odessa attractions and visit to catacombs.

  • Sightseeing part take place within old town and covers general city attractions, like regular tour.
  • Catacombs part includes visit to small undeground museum, also located in downtown.
    Attention, this is not regular tour to catacombs preserve! During mixed tour we make special express tour to catacombs.

Follow the link to find more detailed information about sightseeing+catacombs, where you can find additional options of mixed Odessa tours.