Odessa attractions

Old town of Odessa city

Main Odessa attractions are concentrated in old town. First of all, this is entire old city, which represent architectural urban planning of 19th century. So each old house in city center is an architectural monument of that era. Now they are all in different degrees of safety. As a result some of them are restored, some are dilapidated and destroyed. Despite that, walking around old town any tourist can feel spirit of the past and modern life.

odessa attractions

Odessa – old town

Old town will be highly interesting for those who like old buildings and various architecture. Ordinary houses, mansions of nobility, large hotels, municipal buildings, architectural ensembles all of them considered today as architectural monuments.

odessa attractions

Odessa attractions – Primorsky boulevard

Odessa is a very compact city. Therefore whole tourist route passes through a small section of old town adjacent to port. There are lot of things to see. This is territory of unhurried walks, which pass through numerous photo zones. Here, from different angles, you can see Odessa port and harbor. Also here take place all city tours. If you go down to the civil part of port, you can take a walk at berths, make a small boat trip, watch the ships or observe how cargo port working. Civil part of port from time to time serves as an exhibition complex, and there are also two Odessa attractions: Vorontsov lighthouse and a large bronze sculpture of a Golden Child.

odessa attractions

Odessa attractions – view from Mother in law bridge

Odessa attractions – monuments

Another group of tourist attractions in Odessa Ukraine are urban monuments and sculptures. There are two kind of such attractions: monuments of 19th century, and modern urban sculpture. All of them are dedicated to people who left a significant contribution in culture and development of city.

Odessa attractions

Odessa attractions – Golden child

The four most important, most revered monuments are dedicated to Duke de Richelieu, Prince Vorontsov, poet Alexander Pushkin and Catherine the Great and her four companions. Duke de Richelieu and Prince Vorontsov were governors-general of New Russian region, which included entire south of modern Ukraine. Monuments represent classical examples of monumental sculpture of 19th century.

Odessa attractions

Odessa attractions – Catherine square

Alexander Pushkin, greatest Russian poet, lived in Odessa in first half of 19th century. In old hotel on Pushkinskaya Street, where he stayed, Pushkin Museum now operates. This small museum is a branch of Odessa Literary Museum. It is a reconstruction of Pushkin’s office. Museum contains items that could surround that poet, fragments of editions of his works from 19th century, as well as his literary heritage connected with Odessa.

odessa attractions

Odessa Opera House sculptures

City sculpture and foto-zones

Sculpture, mainly concentrated in Odessa City Garden, one of tourist attractions. These are small bronze sculptures on different topics of local urban folklore. So at intersection of Richelieu and Deribasovskaya streets you can stumble upon the shadow of Pushkin, which once passed through these streets. In City Garden one can meet Leonid Utyosov, a Soviet musician sitting on a bench with a smile.

odesssa attractions

Odessa City Hall

Another sculpture is a twelfth chair dedicated to famous book of local writers Ilf and Petrov. Those who wish, can touch Love Tree, from which like petals fall small hearts. Nearby is a small sculpture of famous city athlete and simply an eccentric character – Sergei Utochkin.

odessa attractions

Odessa City Garden

In addition, City Garden include an old fountain, giving a little freshness on hot summer days. Nearby there is a covered orchestra gazebo. On summer evenings open concerts by a brass band, and you can often see numerous dancing elderly couples. Also nearby dancing some bronze figures of stereotypical inhabitants of our city with dogs and cats, symbolizing the flow of time.

odessa attractions

Odessa attractions – Duke de Richelieu

Must-see Odessa attractions

One of must-see Odessa attractions is famous Opera House. Odessa Opera House is a great opportunity not only to see the most beautiful theater in Ukraine. Academic Opera and Ballet Theater gives performances throughout the year. To know more about Opera House, please visit our special page, dedicated to it. In addition, you can easily purchase tickets for performance you like in Internet.

odessa attractions

Odessa Opera House

Especially popular among Odessa sights are catacombs. Since 19 century under Odessa and suburbs hold mining of limestone. Therefore Odessa catacombs it is a ramified network of underground mine fields. Due to labyrinth of abandoned mines, there are many urban legends about catacombs. Military history of Second World War also part of undeground secrets. Visiting catacombs is possible both in classical museum format, and in extreme style. All detailed information you can find on our web-site.

odessa attractions

Odessa catacombs