Odessa city hall

The building of Odessa city hall located at Primorsky boulevard, in a heart of old town. Here placed administration of the city and mayor. City hall one of beautiful old buildings and attracts tourists by its architecture. Since the building built in 19 century, today it included in a list of architectural monuments. In front of city council located Dumskaya square (see on map), where take place different city events, concerts or meetings.

odessa city hall

Odessa Ukraine – City Hall

Odessa city hall – architecture

As many buildings in Odessa, city council designed by italian architect РFrancesco Boffa. Used to be a time, when in Odessa worked and lived many specialists from Europe countries. Considering that most architects were Italians, today we have lot of classical style buildings. City hall is not exception. The building designed in a late classicism, which was wide spread in Russian Empire in 19 century. Also you can find here two figures of greek gods in niches РHermes and Demeter.

odessa city hall

Old postcard

Dumskaya square

A tiny square if front of city council and a crossroad of three tourist routes. From this point one can make a walk towards Opera House and Deribasovskaya street, or pass Primorsky boulevard, or get down into Istanbul park. The area around is full of cty sights, museums, restaurants and other places to visit. Besides, Dumskaya square is a good place for making photo, get rest on a bench and seeing some street performers.

odessa city hall

Christmas tree

Since the square is one of oldest in Odessa, here located two city monuments. First monument devoted to Alexander Pushkin, well known russian poetry. The second one is quite unusual and represented by big english cannon. Both monuments represent the childhood of Odessa city. Alexander Pushkin spent in the cty 13 month of his exile. Obviously, Odessa is not the worst place for exile.