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hotels in odessa ukraine

Hotels in Odessa Ukraine – old city

Odessa is a large regional center on south of Ukraine. Location of city near Black Sea, as well as old city, largely determines specificity of tourist rest. Main tourist season passes in summer and is associated with beach holidays. Naturally, hotels in Odessa are quite different. There are mini-hotels, beach hotels, hostels and private housing for rent. However, choosing where to stay in Odessa, one need to plan the nature of your holiday and individual preferences.

Location make sense

First of all, before decide where to stay in Odessa Ukraine, plan what your going to do at your holidays. For beach holidays, hotels closest to sea are best option. Breach hotels is convenient option, because you don’t need to take taxi, or using public transport to get the beach. This advantage, however, has an opposite side. Landscape feature of location of Odessa is next – city stands on a large plateau towering over sea at 30 m. Therefore, all hotels located near seacoast are at the bottom. It is convenient to go to city beach, however it is inconvenient if you want to go to city center. In this case, you have to call a taxi, or use public transport. Walking can be very tiring, especially for old people.

Best hotels in Odessa old center

If you are looking for a best place to stay in Odessa for sightseeing, then better to choose hotels located in old city. Almost all the hotels in center located closer to restaurants, cafes, shops, museums and other points of interest.

hotels in odessa ukraine

Big hotels in Odessa old town

From such hotels you easily can get to photographic zone, main tourist attractions and a marine station. Disadvantage of hotels located in center of Odessa will be the fact that to get to beach area, most likely you will have to use city transport, and as a consequence, spend a little time. If you prefer a leisurely observing the city during walking tours, than it’s better to book a hotel in old city. So you can enjoy an old architecture, without thinking about how you get back to hotel.

Odessa hotels for relax

Another important factor in choosing where to stay in Odessa, will be your attitude to surrounding noise. Noise outside the window, which can prevent you from relaxing in your room, depends on season of year, and on location of your hotel. For example, if you looking for hotels in Arcadia, you need to know what you will have.

Arcadia is a place, where night life going on. That’s why it incredibly noisy in summer, but in winter – almost dead territory. In center of Odessa is a little different and it all depends on street where your hotel located. For example, main pedestrian street is Deribasovskaya, which is very noisy in summer. Also on this street take place many city holidays, when large crowds of tourists are walking around. At the same time, Deribasovskaya Street is a convenient place in heart of Odessa.

Types of hotels in Odessa

hotels in odessa ukraine

Deribasovskaya street hotels in Odessa

Accommodation in Odessa have many options. You should understand difference between several types of accommodation that host tourists. In total, such types can be distinguished with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Large hotels

Most often these are old pompous hotels more then one hundred years old, built by leading architects of Odessa and located in center of city. Ancient architecture and history, combined in them with modern amenities. Such hotels often have their own parking and restaurant, porters who will help you with luggage, and a beautiful view from the window on central streets of city. Large hotels are expensive option to stop at.

Mini hotels

A relatively new type of hotels in Odessa. More often located in city centre, in old houses of 19th century. These are old large apartments of ordinary residential buildings, converted into modern hotels. They are small in size and capacity. Mini hotels do not have their own restaurants, parking lots and doormen. Usually they are difficult to notice from the street, because often located in yards. In mini hotels may be no lift, which can be a problem, so it is worthwhile to figure it out, before booking. Such secrecy from city noise, as well as a small number of people inside, makes them in some sense more cozy than large ones. Mini hotels are also cheaper.


Cheap accommodation also represent in Odessa. Hostel is a former communal apartments in city centre, converted to accommodate tourists. A good option for those who do not interfere with different strangers in the rooms of residence. All hostels in Odessa have a kitchen, so you can cook food, and different rooms: from 8 people in one, up to 2 people. Best option for unassuming people, and those who do not want to have extra expense for housing.

Private apartments

Best place to stay in Odessa for those who want to be completely independent, and spend a rest in privacy – daily apartments for rent in Odessa. Such offers of apartments are very diverse both in price and in quality. In such cases, no one gives you a guarantee of services, so a good option will be advice of people who have already rented a particular apartment, or independent opinion of local guides.

Odessa villas

As a resort city, there are lot of villas for rent in Odessa. Most of them located along coast line with fast access to city beaches. Since Odessa villas designed for a summer resort, all of them contain outside pools. Also most expensive houses have panoramic view on Black Sea. The beach zone is little bit far of old city, but some villas placed very close to downtown. So, check out villas location, before choose very to stay in Odessa.