Hotels in Arcadia

Hotels in Arcadia Odessa (Ukraine) are more than half beach hotels of the city. Arcadia is one of the most popular summer resorts. This resort area is located just away from old city.  This is a place, where all nightclubs of city are located with summer playgrounds.

This is also one of the main places for beach holidays, so there is all related infrastructure: beach cafes and restaurants, nightclubs and parties, aqua park, attractions, shops, etc.

Hotels in Arcadia Odessa Ukraine. What need to know.

Hotels in Arcadia

Arcadia Odessa Ukraine

Before booking hotels in Arcadia, you should consider some features of this place. If you are going to spend a quiet holiday in a calm, deserted place, away from the bustle, then Arcadia will not be the most successful choice. The fact is that during summer season all night clubs work here, and loud music creates a big noise, audible in hotel rooms. Beach entertainment attracts a huge number of people here, and party continues all night. If you are traveling with young children, check in advance to ensure that your hotel is not near such nightclub.

Significance of location

There are large number of luxury hotels. They can be divided into two conditional groups. Most of hotels near Arcadia are located on the coast, all others are a little further away. The fact is that Arcadia is a closed territory for vehicles. Of course, cars have access to hotels, but in summer it can be difficult to leave, because there only one road, it is very narrow, and there is a lot of transportation. Those hotels in Arcadia Odessa located outside pedestrian area, along Genoese street, have access to main road and public transport.

In short, choosing a hotel inside a closed area, you get quick access to beaches. But it may be difficult to leave fast, for example, to old city. Having preferred hotels outside of Arcadia itself, but near it, you get convenient access to transport and car access, however to get to the beach can take you 5-10 min walk.

It always makes sense to check out the map

When choosing hotels near beach, check its location on the map. Even if it stands on the cost, it does not mean that you will see Black sea from your window. This is worth knowing in advance. It is also important to check what stands around any of hotels. Arcadia beach Odessa is a dynamically developing zone of summer resort. It may be that you book a good hotel next to some construction site, with noise and dust which are hardly conducive to rest.

Non-barrier environment

In advance, inquire about features of hotel’s device for people with disabilities. How many floors are in hotel, is there an elevator, or entrance porch with stairs. As a rule, these information are not described on the guest pages of most Odessa hotels.