5 star hotels in Odessa

5 star hotels in Odessa Ukraine are very popular among the tourists. Therefore, we have created a special selection, where you can book a room in such hotels.

5 star hotels and summer resort in Odessa

Many of such city hotels located closely to Odessa beaches. As usual, they are large, new hotels that include a variety of entertainments, and services for beach resort. Almost all that kind hotel complexes have as outdoor swimming pool, and pools inside hotel complex. Some such hotels suggest to clients spa resort and gyms. In general, they have a sports-entertainment orientation.

5 star hotel odessa ukraine

Nemo hotel Odessa

Nemo hotel review

Premium business 5 star hotels

5 star hotels sometimes stand in Odessa downtown. As usual it is old, classical hotels of 19th century, but all of them have modern service. Each of these hotels has its own history, also is proud of outstanding people who lived there. Such hotels more suitable for people who have business here. First of all, because they stand in old city, where located many offices. In addition, such hotels offer parley rooms for any kind of meetings. Important thing that you will always be offered free parking, which is very suitable, specifically inside old city, because here is little parking space.

5 star hotels in odessa

Bristol hotel Odessa

Bristol hotel review

5 star hotels in Odessa together with children

Some hotels specialize on reception of tourists together with kids. This means that they have not a nightclub, either a bar. Special entertainment for children can be provided, as next: aquarium and dolphinarium. There is hotel with dolphins that offer children with developmental problems a dolphin therapy.

Appropriate location

Considering that options of 5 star hotels is big enough, check their location on the city map. Try map out character of your holiday beforehand, Odessa attractions that you want to see ect. You easily can book a hotel near the things, that you prepare to visit. Doing that way you may choose a hotel most suitable to you.