Nemo resort hotel with dolphins

Nemo hotel is a 5 star hotel on Black Sea coast. Main feature of this hotel is a wide range of services, high quality, and – dolphinarium. So hotel is suitable for those who come to relax near Black sea, and for those who want to spend an active vacation with their family. Nemo hotel Odessa booking is a page where you will find a detailed description of the services provided and other useful information that will help to get a complete picture of this hotel.

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Nemo resort hotel with dolphins

Dolphins are one of most beautiful animals on our planet. That is why every day a large dolphin show with fur seals for all comers is held in hotel’s dolphinarium. Also every Saturday there is a special night show with romantic atmosphere. In addition Nemo hotel provides an opportunity to swim in pool with dolphins for adults and children. The hotel offers two options: simple swim with dolphins, or take a scuba diving. Using scuba dive you will have communicaton with that animals in a natural environment.

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Dolphin show Odessa-Ukraine

Dolphin therapy for kids

Therapy with dolphins is a method of medical and psychological rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities through close communication with dolphins. Unique feature of these animals is that they have ability of interspecific communication. As a result dolphins can change their behavior in the game, depending on the behavior of partner.

Due to the process of interaction with dolphins, actively stimulates brain processes of child, improves coordination of movements, accelerates development of thinking and much more. Nemo Odessa hotel offers a course of dolphin therapy for children from 2 to 14 years old. Duration of this course varies from 5 and 10 sessions of 25 min each.

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Nemo hotel – night show

Nemo Odessa hotel and family resort

Every day in hotel work an oceanarium where you can walk along seabed and admire most diverse inhabitants of sea depths. Here living two hundred species of fishes and animals from the whole world. Due to that oceanarium is a good opportunity to introduce children with wonderful world of nature.

Except other things to see, there is an excursion to oceanarium with exotarium. Exotarium contains a large collection of all kinds of snakes, spiders, scorpions, poisonous toads, lizards and other similar animals, which are worth met through a glass wall.

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Nemo oceanarium

In addition for guests with children, Nemo hotel has a separate children’s playground with all kinds of entertainment. Here professional animators worked with kids. Children have different competitions, games, quests ect. So you can safely leave your child under supervision, and this service is completely free.

Nemo hotel room suites

  • Presidetial suite – two big spacious rooms with panoramic views on Black Sea. Suite include two balconies and jacuzzi located near panoramic window. Also bedroom with double king size bed and bathroom with hydromassage.
  • Family suite – two room of 60 m2 size with jacuzzi near the window. Family suite include balcony with overlooking on Black Sea and sspecial window with a view on a Dolphins pool.
  • Luxury suite – spacious suite of 40 m2 in size with panoramic view and jacuzzi near window. Bedroom with large king size bed and bathroom.
  • Standart – there are two kinds of this hotel rooms: for single accomodation (16 m2), or for couple accomodation (20 m2). This room have balcony with a view on back side of hotel.
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Presidential suite of Nemo hotel Odessa

Gym and spa service

Nemo hotel Odessa (Ukraine) is suitable for those who prefer active recreation. Therefore at the disposal of hotel guests is a large gym with professional equipment. Every day in fitness club of hotel there are group and individual lessons of fitness, water aerobics and swimming in the pool of purified sea water. Moreover, hotel offers special fitness service for pregnant women. Here is largest swimming pool under open sky in form of a dolphin, with an aqua bar. In addition there are 9 pools with sea water, a special children’s pool and 4 swimming pools with dolphins. Moreover, there is an indoor pool.

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Small outdoor pool on a roof

Wellness spa Nemo hotel, is a complex of all kinds of procedures for the care of your body. At your disposal will be massage rooms, solarium, personal hammam, hydromassage and much more. Many procedures of special bath complex are included in cost of living.

Nemo Odessa hotel have a diving school, where you can learn diving under the guidance of experienced instructors. Therefore most active guests can dive at a professional level. Training in scuba diving includes theoretical and practical courses. All dives pass in pools with dolphins. Also diving school is available for children from 8-12 years. As a result after completion of training, you will be issued with an international SSI OWD certificate. Using one you can dive at any diving club in the world.

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Nemo diving school

Nemo hotel restaurants

Swedish breakfasts are available for all guests. Hotel has three different types of restaurants. On the ground floor is restaurant of beach complex. Here you can try various fish dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine.  Another restaurant designed with a panoramic view of Black sea. Therefore here is pleasant atmosphere, live music, exquisite cuisine and an unforgettable view of sea and starry sky. Small hotel visitors may be interested in fast food – burger club.

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Restaurant with glass roof in Nemo hotel Odessa

Langeron beach near hotel

Nemo hotel Odessa located in the area called Langeron. Here starts the line of urban beaches, and Health Route. Since many city beaches do not have a car access, to get them by transport isn’t so easy. On Lanzheron there is a large parking, belonged to Nemo hotel. Moreover, near it there is a city beach and a small promenade with fountains. Langeron is a historical place of Odessa. Therefore here you can see several city sculptures – gates of sun and a monument to Odessa cats.

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Langeron promenade Odessa

Shevchenko park near hotel

Descent to this hotel begins from a large Shevchenko park. It is located between central part of city and seaside. This park is a green walking zone with overlooking on Odessa port. There are a football stadium, Alley of glory, fountains, Green theater and a large skateboarding area. Here, mothers are walking with children, young people are riding bicycles and rollers, and visitors just walking to and fro.

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Shevchenko Park Odessa

Greenery zone nearby

Not far from Nemo hotel begins Health Route. This is a five-kilometer green zone, closed for transportation. Here, under the shade of trees, local people make their morning jogs, riding bicyclists and rollers. At numerous sports grounds, athletes usually training. Health route stretches along sea coast. So walking along it you can always go down to the beach, or vice versa – go up to city on French Boulevard. Consequently, living here will be very convenient for you to have a pleasant walk in the morning.

Transfer to Nemo hotel Odessa from airport

Nemo hotel is located far from Odessa (Ukraine) International Airport. Therefore you can get to it in several ways. Direct way of urban transport from airport to location of hotel does not exist. An optimal option is to take a taxi, preferably through a telephone service. Also you can order a car personally, by service below.