Bristol hotel Odessa

Bristol hotel is one of the biggest 5 star hotels located is Odessa old city. More than one century, hotel provides highest quality service for people who come to Odessa on business and rest. Bristol hotel Odessa provides large selection of comfortable halls for small business meetings, large conferences or summits. Also in hotel, there is possibility to make private events like wedding, birthday parties or to celebrate anniversaries days.

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bristol hotel odessa

Bristol hotel Odessa Ukraine

The exterior and interior of Bristol hotel decorated in Baroque style, that symbolize epoch of prosperity and luxurity. That’s why all 113 rooms of the hotel involve visitors into atmosphere of deluxe quality and comfort. Hotel offers various rooms of different class. One can choose cozy mansard apartment, luxurious suites or presidential suite with beautiful view on old Odessa.

Highlight of Bristol hotel Odessa is that it offers special fashion rooms, fulfilled by famous designers of the world. So it’s a good opportunity to try something unique, that can’t be find at any other hotel in Odessa city.

bristol hotel odessa

Bristol hotel at night

Bristol hotel Odessa history

The Bristol hotel was built in 1899 year, when Odessa growth up very fast and already was a center of trade on Black Sea. Such circumstances forced many tradesman to put money into building of large hotels. Usually such big hotels appeared in business parts of Odessa, that were close to port, banks, trade squares or commercial buildings.

Big competition among hotel owners for visitors led to rise in common quality of services and visual hotel attractiveness. That’s why projects of best hotels were created by the best architects of Odessa, people who created architectural appearance of old city.

bristol hotel odessa

Bristol hotel Odessa – beginning of XX century

Bristol hotel built one of the most famous architect of Odessa – Alexander Bernardazzi. All projects of Alexander Bernardazzi distinguished by beautiful architecture, pompousness and take place in a list of  Odessa architectural monuments. Simple fact: from the windows of hotel one can see another of his buildings – Odessa philharmonic, considering as one of city attraction.

Types of Bristol hotel suites

  • Grand Bristol Suite – most remkable hotel room with total area 84 m2. Presidential lux decorated in blue-white colors with spirit of old times and modern quality of 5 star hotel. Common interior details and accessories include painted ceiling, palace wooden parquet, elegant curtains and lambrequins, magnificent crystal chandelier and a variety of decorative elements in baroque style. Grand suite contain spacious rooms furnished with elegant Italian furniture, specially made for Bristol hotel. Also there are elegant bedroom, luxurious bathroom with jacuzzi, cozy cabinet and a spacious living room with balcony and beautiful view on Pushkinskaya street of Odessa.
bristol hotel odessa

Bristol Odessa – Presidential Suite

  • Fashion Lux – exquisite apartments located on the top floor with a view on cozy courtyard of Bristol hotel. Such rooms have up to 90 m2 size and include spacious living room, cabinet, marble bathroom, bedroom and outdoor terrace. All lux apartments decorated in style of world-famous interior brands and are ideal place to stay during unforgettable trip to Odessa.
  • Lux – exclusive suite with two rooms designed by Angelo Cappelini. Total area is 59 m2 of luxurious bedroom, spacious living room and bathroom with Jacuzzi in Victorian style. Common design of lux suite represent in fabrics and textiles in bright blue and dark red colors, elegant wallpaper of fabric and silk, massive curtains and original eaves.
bristol hotel odessa

Lux suite in hotel Bristol

  • Delux suite – represented by two rooms suite with 55 m2 of space and decorated with exquisite fabrics in bright orange or emerald green convey. All deluxe rooms have a view on city streets and include stylish bedroom, fashion marble bathroom and big living room with expanded space for rest. Deluxe suite equipped with Italian furniture by Giorgio Piotto, crystal chandeliers and exquisite detail of interior decor.
  • Superior room – superior guestrooms offer a spectacular view on beautiful Pushkinskaya and Bunin streets. Also rooms have balconies, where every guest can enjoy fresh air and wathing daylife Odessa city. Interior of superior rooms made in a classic style combined with elegant furniture.
bristol hotel odessa

Delux suite of Bristol hotel in Odessa

  • Standard rooms – all rooms designed in general hotel colours – dark and light tones of red and offer enough space with charming view city streets or hotel courtyard. These rooms represent main values of Bristol hotel: excellent italian furniture with elegant interior style. Luxurious bed, comfortable chairs of soft fabrics, and beautiful accessories creat feelings of comfort and cosy.
  • Attic rooms – these rooms located on the top floor of Bristol hotel Odessa, expanded during restoration. Attic rooms designed in soft beige tones with elegante white wooden furniture. Sun light to these rooms comes from the roof windows, and at night one can observe southern star sky.
bristol hotel odessa

Suite interior design

Fitness and spa services

Despite the fact that Bristol hotel exist more than 100 years, there are completely modern services for visitors, like SPA and Gym. SPA center works both for visitors and guests who living in hotel. Here one can get all possible cosmetic procedures for face and body care. To guests service is sauna, a bath, as well as the staff of professional cosmetologists and gym trainers. In addition, on the last floor of Bristol hotel placed a swimming pool with an open terrace, where you can enjoy the views of old city.

bristol hotel odessa

Spa and Gym service

Hotel restaurant

On a first level of hotel located special restaurant “Le Grand Café Bristol”. Like everything in Bristol hotel, restaurant represent atmosphere of luxurity by its neoclassical interior. The restaurant’s menu consists of Mediterranean cuisine and a large selection of wines. Restaurant works all day, and in the evening live piano music complements the atmosphere. In addition, for guests from Israel, Bristol restaurant offers kosher cuisine. You can sit on terrace in front of hotel, inside the restaurant, as well as in silent hotel courtyard.

bristol hotel odessa

Le Grand Cafe Bristol – interior

Conference halls

Bristol hotel Odessa is considering as a premium business hotel. That is why hotel has special rooms of various sizes for conferences and meetings. All conference rooms are equipped with modern audio and video equipment for large meetings of up to 300 people.

  • Windsor Grand Ballroom (size – 460 m2)
  • Greenwich (size – 190 m2)
  • Richelieu, Deribas, Devolan (size – 30 m2 each)
bristol hotel odessa

Hotel Bristol Odessa (Ukraine) – conference hall

Bristol hotel Odessa – location benefits

Bristol located in old city and surrounded by dozen city attractions. Since the old center is a tourist area, here are lot of places to visit: restaurants, bars, cafe, city sights, museums, parks, walking boulevards etc. All attractions are so close, that there is no need to use a transport. Also not far from Bristol hotel located Odessa port and marine station. Here one can make a little boat trip in summer, or rent a yacht for a whole day.

The only thing is that hotel located aways of coast line. That’s why to get to Odessa beach zone, one should take a transport, or making a walk through Shevchenko park to Langeron beach. In case you want to visit Acadia area, there is no way to get there than take a taxi.

Old city considering as a safe place in evening, because of tourists and good lighting at night. Of course it doesn’t mean that one should ignore basic safety rules in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Odessa center surely the best place to stay, according to that point of view.

  • Odessa philharmonic – main concert hall of symphonic music. Also it’s a place for performances of Odessa National Symphony Orchestra. Also there is remarkable italian courtyard with restaurant inside.
  • Opera House – Ukraine’s best opera and ballet theater, conidering as most famous Odessa attration. One of most beautiful place in the city, that every tourist should estimate.
  • Deribasovskaya street – main pedestrian street with many restaurants, bars, boutiques and shopping malls. Also on Deribasovskaya located two local sights: City Garden and Passage. Walk along this street is the part of any trip to Odessa.
  • Primorsky boulevard – central promenade considering as a face of Odessa. Here located famous Potemkin stairs, Vorontsov palace, monument de Richelieu, entrance to marine station and two big parks: Istanbul and Greek.
  • Western and Eastern Art museum – one of the biggest art gallery in Odessa. Museum located one block from Bristol hotel, so it’s worth nothing to visit museum, if you have a free minute.
  • Pale-Royale – cozy courtyard near Odessa Opera House. Best place to hide from streets noise and get a rest in local restaurant.
bristol hotel odessa

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Transferring service in Bristol hotel

At the end of 19th century, when hotel was built, it was distinguished by a wide range of most modern service. In list of services also included transport with drivers, which at that time was unique. That’s why today, Bristol hotel Odessa offers to visitors a transfer both within old city and around territory of Ukraine. When booking a hotel room, you can easily order a transfer from Odessa airport to hotel or visa versa. Also hotel has its own free parking, which is very convenient, because there are lot of cars in old city and parking place is very difficult to find.