Best hotels in Odessa

In Odessa there is a huge number of different hotels. The choice is really great. There are hotels near Black sea, and those that are located in old town. Large pompous hotels and mini-hotels. Hotels for families, or noisy hotels with bars and clubs. That is why on this page you will find a variety of hotels, selected for according to their qualities.

Best hotels in Odessa (Ukraine) and reviews

Our selection of hotels is based solely on feedback of visitors. Based on this principle, you can more or less make up a correct idea about quality of chosen one. Perhaps you choose a hotel according to a personal criterion, which is not mentioned in usual description. In this case, it is worth to look at customer reviews on independent resources. In them perhaps you will find an answer on question interesting you.

Difference between hotel stars and ratings stars

Best hotels not necessary must have 5 stars. The hotel evaluation system includes objective data, such as level of service and services provided. This is a standard you can rely on. However, a user rating is a subjective assessment of direct visitors leaving their feedback about a stay at a particular hotel. User reviews take into account factors that are not included in standard rating of hotels. For example: unsuccessful location of hotel, noisy surroundings and poor soundproofing, quality of restaurant service, etc.

Best hotels in Odessa does not mean best location

Before booking a hotel, think about how often you will go to city center. What do we mean? Let’s examine it. On hotel page it can be written that it is located 9km from city center. This distance may seem insignificant when using car. However, considering special characteristics of city roads and traffic jams, the way to old city can take 1 hour. Using a map of Odessa, try to determine how convenient a particular hotel is to you. If you prefer to spend time on the beach, or inside hotel complex, the distance from hotel to center of Odessa will not be so critical.