3 star hotels in Odessa

3 star hotels in Odessa Ukraine is a separate category of hotel service, strongly in demand in summer season.

Such hotels are at an average level between two factors: level of service and size of the price. That’s why we decided to create a separate list among other hotels so that you can carefully study and compare all possible options.

What you will have and what will not

3 star hotels usually offer a standard set of services needed for a comfortable stay. This means that most likely all necessary conditions, such as cleanliness, breakfast, cleaning, will be met. However, such hotels do not provide additional services, such as: swimming pool, spa, gym, etc. Typically, these hotels either do not have their own parking, or very small one. Especially those that are located within old city.

Service and price

3 star hotels in Odessa are not designed for customers to spend all day in them. You simply will not have anything to do, as usually such a hotel does not provide additional, or in general, any services for pastime. In contrast to, for example, 5 star hotels. This choice will be successful for those who plan to spend time outside the hotel, inspecting sights, and returning to rest, change clothes, and spend a night. Therefore, the cost of rooms in such hotels is much lower than in luxury one, because you do not pay for services beyond the most necessary.

Location specificity of 3 star hotels in Odessa Ukraine

Very often these are mini-hotels located in historical center of Odessa. This is especially convenient for those who prefer a sightseeing tour, or gastrotour, or simply enjoys walking around the city. 3 star hotels usually located in old houses of 19th century, and can occupy one or several floors.

The number of rooms in them sometimes does not exceed one dozen. Therefore it is quite suitable for those who love mini-hotels. Walking around center of Odessa, you can easily return to hotel on foot. This will save you from having to use transport, or to book a taxi.

3 star hotels in Odessa, located near Black Sea, will be a little more expensive than those located in city center. However, in all other respects they are practically same.