Vorontsov palace Odessa

Vorontsov palace Odessa columns

Vorontsov palace Odessa

Vorontsov Palace Odessa is the residence of governor-general and located in historical part of city. The palace is easy to find, as it is located in the pedestrian walking area -Primorsky boulevard. Palace constructed in the first half of 19th century. It is a monument of the era of Russian Empire. Such residence represent  regular palace-estate of nobility of those times.

The building designed by architect Francesco Boffa in 1824-1829. This architect created about 50 buildings around old Odessa. Therefore he is rightfully respect as one of first developers of the city, whose creations still stand.

What to see here

prince vorontsov portraitVorontsov Palace Odessa includes few of city attractions: a manor house, a fountain bowl above an ancient underground water tank, two statues of marble lions, stables and a colonnade-belvedere above the sea, where during city holidays a stage for musicians is located. Also there is an open terrace, encircling the palace. From the inner part there are heavy columns of the Tuscan order, and from the side of the interior there are heavy, Tuscan warrants of a column with a portico. Especially on hot summer days, you can relax in the shadow of the columns, crouching on the marble staircase. Often, dance groups of local choreographic schools arrange their rehearsals here, or the newlyweds making foto-session. The colonnade facing the sea is also a photo-zone. Entire row of columns is clearly visible from sea, especialy from Vorontsov lighthouse. All these elements of the palace complex create a unique landscape.

In times when Vorontsov Palace appeared, such architectural style as Empire came to Odessa. An integral part of this style – columns, which often decorated public places and buildings, which noted by many foreign travelers of those times.

How it looks in times of owner

Palace divides into two parts: first floor – pompous parade rooms, with high ceilings, and second – family quarters, comparatively low ceilings, devoid of lush, simple. Another curious memory of this residence belonged Governor-General left his personal physician and traveler, an Englishman by birth, Edward Morton. He arrived together with Vorontsov to his palace in 1828:

“The new boulevard is a great achievement for the city and is pleasant for walks in the summer evenings.On his north-western ledge is the new palace of Count Vorontsov. This house during the last royal visit to Odessa was the place of stopping their majesties – the emperor and the empress of Russian Empire. This large smooth building, like everything in Odessa, plastered… There are large stables adjoining the house, lined up against the main entrance. Around the building there is a garden a la ‘anglaise, ending in the side of the boulevard with a magnificent iron grate cast by the master erdom (Baird) in St. Petersburg.

At the entrance to Vorontsov palace, the main rooms were located on the ground floor, and the family rooms – upper. First one were remarkable because they had the same doors, shutters and fireplace from the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, former residence of Emperor Paul and the place of his murder. They were sold, as I told, by the present emperor, and then the Grand Duke, Count Vorontsov.

Vorontsov palace Odessa. Inside interior

Main rooms consist of a billiard room, a dining room, a front hall, a large hall, a library and a Turkish room. These rooms are luxurious. The floors of all, except Turkish, covered with parquet. And, which is rarely seen in the homes of Russian nobles – elegant furniture with which they furnished. Most of it was brought from England. In the foster days, the rooms were widely open to visitors. The Turkish room is the most elegant, though the smallest. It is very tall and has a light Gothic ceiling, painted in a light green color with lots of lush gilding around. Walls of 6 feet from the floor with great taste were hung with Persian and Turkish shawls. Several silk sofas and other pieces of furniture arranged accordingly, and Persian carpet covers the floor. It seems that in more rare and valuable things there is no need … From this room you can go out into the winter garden … ”

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