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Quarantine in Odessa Ukraine started in 2020. Couple of times the government announced total lockdown and the last one was in January 2021. Despite the fact that the covid restrictions were quite strict, today ordinary citizens ignore most of them and going their own.

Can I walk without a mask?

Yes! Most people wearing masks only indoor, or where required. Masks are strictly required only in large supermarkets, hospitals, government offices or the subway (there is no one in Odessa-Ukraine). Quarantine didn’t hit public transport, where masks are usually needed, but not always. Since the trams and trolleys are city transport, sometimes they follow covid restrictions. But regular buses (marshrutka) are private and neglecting the rules all the time. On the street, everyone walks freely, which you can see in the video below.

What about police and curfew?

Do not afraid either first or second. Odessa didn’t put the curfew even on the first lockdown, so there is no restrictions on walking time. The same goes for fines. Regardless covid cases, the police don’t fine anyone and don’t take part in any quarantine measures at all. This goes for the police on the streets. The Border Service may act differently.

What about restaurants & bars?

According to a government decree, establishments selling food must operate in take-out mode. Food & drinks to-go are nearly on each corner and works perfectly. Restaurants work as usual and people only wear masks at the entrance. Inside, everyone is sitting without masks. Even during a tough lockdown, some restaurants still operated, only secretly.

odessa ukraine quarantine

So you have to keep in mind that the official quarantine restrictions are barely work in the country. This happens because the economic damage from quarantine and restrictions is too great. Since people do not receive support from the government of Ukraine, and this is true, they are forced to work despite the prohibitions. In addition, everyone is tired of endless restrictions and, despite the threats of news channels, continue to live on. The reality is not what the news channels or government orders make it out.