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Odessa airport to city center

Odessa International Airport located within the city. Since the airport has no special shuttle, there are only two options to get from Odessa airport to city center: taxi service and city transport. All information below is relevant for 2021.

From airport to old town goes only two city transports – trolley bus №14 and bus (marshrutka) №117. There is no many trolley on a route, so waiting of it can takes 20 minutes. The trolley-bus itself doesn’t represent something special, just old soviet trolley. This trolley-bus is quite big, so one can take big luggage inside. It is not high quality transport, but very cheap. Trolley fare is $0,20. Also there is no ticket window with a cashier. You have to buy them directly from the driver.

Odessa airport to city center

Trolley from Odessa airport to city center

Odessa airport bus №117

Marshrutka №117 is only city bus that connect airport with old town. This bus goes much more often than the trolley and cost a little bit more – $0,22. It also convenient way to get from airport to city center, but only if your luggage is small. Since marshrutka is small, it will be quite hard to take big luggage inside. Here you can find full №117 bus route for 2021.

Using this bus one can get to train station, or to old city – to Deribasovskaya, Ekaterininskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets. Starting from airport, this bus makes a big hook, so the road will takes time. Before choose between trolley and marshrutka, read about specificity of public transport in Odessa.

Odessa airport to city center

Odessa airport – new terminal

How to find a stop of trolley bus №14

Odessa Airport has two terminals: old one and new one. Usually Old terminal is using for departure and New – for arrival. It is important to remember, because Odessa airport bus stops near Old terminal. So to get the trolley bus after arriving, you need to walk to another terminal. It not so hard, since both terminal located closer to each other. To understand where exactly bus stop is, watch video below.


At the moment – December 2020, all flights arriving and departing are transferred to the new terminal. Old terminal of Odessa Airport is currently closed. Still unknown what will be there, probably a museum, but the building is being renovated. Now it looks like usual construction site, so don’t be confused. City transport still stops near a large parking next to the old terminal. In our video you can see №14 trolley bus stop.

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Online tracking of Odessa airport bus

The fact that Odessa city transport has online tracking system. Thanks to this, one easily could check where the nearest trolley bus and its moving. How to do it?

  1. Step first: follow this link transport Odessa online
  2. Step second: select Trolley-bus tab and number of a route – №14 (to airport)
  3. Step three: on a opened map below find a bus on a route. Little arrow will indicate the direction of movement
odessa public transport

Public transport tracking system

Attention! Remember, the first trolley starts 05:26 am and last one at 20:18 pm. But it doesn’t mean you will catch it at 20:18 on a last stop. So better make your road to airport in advance!

Time from Odessa airport to city

Distance between airport and old city is nearly 8 km. Obviously it’s not so much and the road should takes 20-25 minutes. But usually, thanks to traffic jams, road takes much more time – around 40 minutes. Take this into account when you order a city taxi to airport. Always better to have at least 1 hour for a road to airport.