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Odessa airport to city center taxi online

About Odessa taxi sirvice

First thing to remember is that you cannot catch a taxi on the street. All local taxi services work only by calling via phone. Having local sim just choose any of Odessa taxi number and make an order to operator. After that, you will receive an SMS, which will indicate the time of taxi arrival, model and number of car and cost of the trip. Advantage is obvious – taxi driver will not be able to tell you other cost, except indicated in SMS! 

But this system has next drawbacks:

  • Language – taxi operator may not know English. Phone taxi services are often not designed for foreign tourists and used mostly by locals. Check out special article on who knows English in Ukraine.
  • Rush hour – you called taxi and wait until it arrives. Then you receive an SMS that there are no cars nearby and your order has been canceled. This can happen at the most inconvenient moment when you go to airport for departure. To avoid this, it is better to book taxi in advance!
  • Local Sim – taxi services usually decline your call and call you back. But this works only with ukrainian sim cards! If you using phone numbers of other countries, taxi operator won’t re-call you!

You can order taxi using next numbers:

[+380] (67) 485-55-45[+380] 3933
[+380] (50) 334-20-00[+380] 7000
[+380] (63) 222-19-55[+380] 322 322
[+380] (50) 490-18-88[+380] 3000
[+380] 838

*remember, taxi service can’t recall if you haven’t ukraine sim-card. So better to buy one in any supermarket.

Odessa taxi app

In Odessa work couple international taxi services with app and few ukrainian. All taxi service applications are quite similar, so there is not much difference in use. Download couple of them to have alternatives when you are in hurry. Also, keep in mind that some drivers are pretty lazy and stop at the corner of a big street while you wait for them in the alley. In this case, taxi application can show that the car is standing next to you. Skipping such taxi or finding it is your decision.

  • Uber – works for long time in Ukraine. Well known taxi service, but not guarantee the quality of a car that come. Also drivers may skip your order right before arrive, if they got better one.
  • Bolt – european service also works in Odessa. Taxi come fast and has fare price. First time you use it, you will get discount on the trip.
  • Uklon – Ukrainian taxi service analogue uber and bolt. Application offer variety of cars and trip prices. Suitable when you have small group and able to order minivan taxi from airport to city center.
odessa taxi

Apps of Odessa-Ukraine taxi

What should to remember

There is also taxi in Odessa, that stands at some point in the city. Such taxi stand either at the airport or near train station. We do not recommend using this type of taxi. Odessa like other cities has this type of drivers. Main reason is that there is no fixed cost of services. Such taxi drivers will simply look at you and, based on your appearance, or that you are from another country, will tell you a price three to four times higher than the real one. Use taxi app or call to taxi service, but not take one on the street. This rule works everywhere in Ukraine.

Public transport in Odessa

The use of public transport by foreigners in Ukraine is somewhat difficult. First of all, because all drivers do not know English, and explaining them where you need to get is quite complicated. Sometimes this is fraught with the risk of stealing a wallet or phone, especially from women’s handbags. Of course, this does not always happen and not everywhere, but in crowded transport it can be. Read special article about public transport. Besides, having driver license, you can rent a car from Odessa airport to city centre, to make trip quick and comfortable.