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Odessa International Film Festival

During the year there are many different Odessa events: city holidays, concerts, football matches, festivals. Among all specific things to see in Odessa Ukraine is International Film Festival.

Odessa city and cinematography

History of cinema in Odessa has more than a hundred years. Here is one of the most famous film studios of former Soviet Union. That is why, since 2010, a large-scale spectator film festival of Eastern Europe is held here annually. That Odessa festival was created as a kind of platform for maintenance and development of Ukrainian independent cinema, and its popularization on European cinema arena. Odessa Film Festival became one of the weighty events of summer period, attracting numerous admirers of cinema art to Odessa Ukraine. That film festival lasts 9 days, and includes unique premieres of motion pictures, with possibility of visiting anyone. Also during festival there are various master classes of well-known figures of cinema: directors, screenwriters and actors.

The aim of festival

Odessa Festival Film gives to viewer an idea of ​​high-quality feature films, designed for a wide audience. Each year during the festival there are three major competitions: International, National and European Documentary Film Competition.

Premieres of films included in International Competition Program fight for the main festival award – Golden Duke Award. Competition committee determines the winners in three categories: Best Film, Best Acting, Best Director.
National competition introduces to a viewer newest cinema pictures created in Ukraine. In this competition take part as full-length feature films, as well as short films. Among all premieres, nominees are nominated for Best Acting and for Best Director’s work.

The first festival in 2010 brought the winners in next categories: Grand Prix – “Minors under 16…” by Andrey Kavun; Best director – Juliusz Machulski with his film “Lullaby”; Best acting work – Jaap Spijkers, main actor in the “Cakeman” by Annemari van de Mond; Special Jury Award – “My Suicide” by David Lee Miller and “October”, by Daniel and Diego Vega; Audience’s Award – “Minors under 16…” by Andrey Kavun.

Odessa International Film Festival opening in opera house

Odessa festival

Things to see in Odessa film festival

Is there some things to do on Film Festival, if you are have not some deal with film industry. In that case, deciding what to see in Odessa Ukraine in the days of Film Festival, you an unique opportunity. One of the most grandiose events in framework of Film Festival is an open show of world classics with accompaniment of a symphony orchestra. Scene of this grandiose event is Potemkin Stairs. This is a symbolic event, because since in 1925, classic of the world cinema – Sergei Eisenstein, shot here his famous film Battleship Potemkin. Once a year, famous Potemkin staircase becomes a huge open-air cinema. It can accommodate about 15 thousand people. Under the musical sounds of symphony orchestra, in different years, audience could rediscover many classics movies of world cinema by: Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Dziga Vertov, Fritz Lang, Friedrich Murnau, Julien Duvivier, and others.

Opportunities for filmmakers

One of the goals of Odessa Film Festival is development of professional film industry in Ukraine. To provide opportunities for young filmmakers, a contest of full-length projects of production of Ukraine, or in cooperation with Ukraine. In pitching take part pictures intended for screening in cinemas. In addition, the festival includes annual specialized educational programs for filmmakers and screenwriters. Everything about educational program, check out on OIFF website.

Odessa International Film Festival opening

Odessa Film Festival

Searching what to see in Odessa Film Festival, you may be interested in Summer Film School. It includes master classes by world’s leading filmmakers. So participants of Summer Film School could meet Christopher Hampton, Christian Petzold, Peter Greenaway, Krzysztof Zanussi, John Malkovich, Roger Corman, Claudia Cardinale, Daryl Hannah, Marco Mueller, Darren Aronofsky, Emir Kusturica, Peter Webber, Jos Stelling, Jim Sheridan, Michael Winterbottom, Jiři Menzel, Sergei Loznitsa, Kira Muratova, Todd Solondz, Stephen Frears, Geraldine Chaplin, Aidan Turner, Timur Bekmambetov, Oleksandr Rodniansky, Andrey Plakhov, Naum Kleiman and others.

During all 9 days of festival, simultaneously in different cinemas of Odessa, there are screenings of out-of-competition films. These can be films that received prestigious world awards, or children’s animated films and feature films, premieres of serials, as well as special shows and performances.

The opening of Odessa International Film Festival is traditionally held in most famous building of city – Odessa Opera House. Here red path is lined for participants of festival, also here is a small fan zone for those who are interested in this event.

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