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Odessa Privoz is one of largest bazaars within city, where you can buy natural products from farmers. This place where local people buying food. Here are wide dairy products, a large selection of meat products, as well as vegetables and fruits. In addition, here located Odessa fish market, where sells a wide selection of fresh, smoked and dried fish. Some people think that this is one of places to visit in the city.

What purpose to visit Privoz

Privoz market Odessa Ukraine will be useful for those who want to try local natural products, as well as for those who prefer to cook their own meals. The fact is that a large number of products producing by local farmers are sells on Odessa Privoz. Therefore, local people mostly buying food here. Remebmer, that on weekends prices are rising slightly, as before any holidays. There is also night market, when at the end of day farmers sell products at much lower prices.

Odessa Privoz prices

Is it profitable to buy food here? Prices for basic products, especially fruits and vegetables, are much lower than in supermarkets. The same applies to any type of fish, which is more profitable to buy on Odessa fish market, because it is fresh, not frozen. Of course all prices for different products depend on season of year, holidays, etc. But to compare prices for 2018: meat 1kg\$7, apples – 1kg\$1, suluguni cheese – 1kg\$4.

Privoz market Odessa Ukraine location

Odessa privoz located not far from train station. If you live in old city, you can get there along Ekaterininskaya street. This street starts from Ekaterininskaya Square and ends just near entrance to Privoz. On foot such a walk takes no more than 30 minutes. In addition, you can get there by any transport going to train station from centre.

What should to remember visiting Odessa Privoz

It should not be thought that Odessa Privoz is a pleasant destination for visitors, or refined place. It’s a real bazaar, noisy and dirty, with lots of visitors, crowds and scammers.

In addition, sellers often cheat with weight of products. All locals know this, but they still go here because of cheapness of most products. Also, you should keep a purse with you, because swindlers can steal it in a large crowd.

If you speak English, no salesperson will understand you. Therefore, most convenient and correct way is to visit this place with a familiar locals, or if you speak Russian a little. If robbers notice that you are foreigner without escort, you can be robbed. However, if you are with a local, they probably will not risk doing it. Anyway, be careful and remember that bazaars in Ukraine are not the place for an easy and carefree walk.