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Choosing where to go in Odessa Ukraine, many tourists choose well-known places that usually can be find in any travel guide. At the same time, locals choose little-known places for their leisure. One of these little-known places to visit is Odessa flea market.

History of Odessa flea market

Odessa Flee market goods for sellingFlea market, or as it is says – baraholka, exists since 19th century. This is a place where antiquarians, traders, second-hand dealers, junk collectors are going to sell a variety of subjects. All of them scatter their goods right along pedestrian street or even carriageway. This flea market is so large that in good weather it takes up to seven city blocks in all four directions. Goods are usually laid out on the ground, on the litter. Wishes this place to visit, remember, just to consider all that knick-knacks for sale, you will need almost half a day. It will be a long but fascinating walk, especially if you are a fan of any trinkets.

This flea market, as one of popular Odessa places to visit, preferable for people with very different interests. Some people buy old, or modern worn clothing. Also here come those who are interested in any electronics or looking for spare parts of any devices. During Soviet era, when Odessa film studio was actively producing movies, they searched for items of different times to create believable scenery. Especially this place attracts numerous collectors of all things possible. Many come to flea market regularly, as at work. A special environment has formed here, and many traders already know what a buyer is looking for, and even accept orders.

What to do in Odessa flea market

Modern fashion for vintage dictates its own rules. Nowadays flea market serves as one of permanent places to see in Odessa for designers and decorators. Especially often, old junk use to decorate interiors of various cafes, or restaurants. Very often, places in such decoration style, one can visit in Odessa. Everything that covers the walls in art cafe, stands on shelves are stuffed with items that was found and bought at a local flea market. Flea market can be a successful platform for creative ideas of interior designers. You can come here without any purpose, and leave with a successful purchase just because every time everything changes here, and each time you can find something new.

Knick-knack or design items?

Odessa flee market It’s hard to say what you can find on Odessa flea market. It is easier to answer what can not be bought there. If you are a collector of vintage print products, here you will find: postage stamps, old Soviet postcards, magazines, books. Numismatists will find here a variety of coins of Soviet era and of Russian Empire. Especially a lot on flea market a variety tableware of 19-20 century. You can easily find here all kinds of decorative and dining plates, tea sets, soup tureen, saucers and other forms of utensils. Here selling at retail or whole sets old forks, tea spoons, knives, pastry blades made of iron, bronze or silver. Fans of music will find here a large collection of vinyl records with recording music of any style, from classical to heavy rock of late 80s. Professional photographers and cameramen often look for old samples of photo cameras for their home collections. Especially popular are such specifically local items as a samovar, or a cup holder for a glass, which foreign visitors are particularly eager to buy. In a word, here are valuable antiques and knick-knacks. This things surround people for two centuries of history, and this may be an old box for tablets, or a simple tin can from Soviet tea.

Few tips before visiting

About Odessa flea market you should know a few practical things.
The first – here it is necessary to bargain. Sellers themselves often offer you a price based on their assessment of your appearance.
The second – this flea market works only on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, planning to visit flea market, plan your trip to Odessa so that you can grab some day off. Market works in morning and before noon, so do not expect to come here in evening.
So, maybe this is not the one of best places to visit in Odessa Ukraine, but certainly unique and memorable.