Wild Odessa catacombs tour

Wild Odessa catacombs tour detail

Duration – 1.5 hours (or more)

Cost for 1 person – €35

Cost for 2-4 persons – €50

More than 5 people – €15 per person

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Attention! The price of Wild tour depends of number of people and durations of the tour! Starting of Wild Odessa catacombs tour take place in suburbs. To get there we can rent a car. Cost of it will add to a price. Also we can use city transport. Flashlights and helmets are given for free.

Important! If you have your own transport, in this case, you do not need to rent a car.

Wild Odessa catacombs tour

Mine tunnels under Odessa

Wild Odessa catacombs tour passes inside Odessa underground catacombs. It is not a museum preserve, or something like that. Wild catacombs is totally abandoned, so you can truly feel atmosphere of that place. There is total darkness, no smooth road or any other things of comfort. We going into catacombs below Odessa suburbs with lights, maps and additional guide for safety.

What you will see

We get inside largest underground labyrinth, that located under Odessa and suburbs. We go in Odessa catacombs and make around 1.5 kilometers walk, or more. During the tour, guide show secret places, where people lived for a long term during hard times. Exploring catacombs one can find old pictures, symbols, marks and inscriptions that people left on the walls from last century. Such city tour is a good way for exploring Odessa catacombs with no risk of getting lost there.

Wild Odessa catacombs tour

Artificial walls in wild Odessa catacombs

What you will hear

Our team explored catacombs of Odessa many years, so we won’t tell you wiki-info. During Wild Odessa catacombs tour we tell many historical facts about catacombs, as well as many strange stories, that heppened here. How big are the catacombs? Who were the people who worked here and live? What secrets Odessa catacombs still hiding? Except general information, you’ll hear about Odessa catacombs WW2 history and resistance. Alltogether we have lot of stories about people who hidden here from law. Couple of police raid inside old mines in 20 century open very unusual artifacts…  All this catacombs stories you will hear during our tour.


Wild Odessa catacombs tour

Ceiling collapse in Odessa catacombs

Wild Odessa catacombs tour safety

We provide such tours for a long time and have our special route inside catacombs. Of course no one can guarantee total safety, because it is wild place. But with our groups never heppened something bad. Moreover, usually we do not going very deep inside, unless you order 3-4 hours tour.
That is not only one option to visit this place. If you change mind, or looking for more comfortable tour, check other Odessa catacombs tour.

Wild Odessa catacombs tour

Catacombs under Odessa

Escape game in Odessa catacombs

To the most active and fearless group of tourist we provide escaping game inside catacombs. This quest game passes in wild part of catacombs also. So you can easily combine usual tour with active game that you will hardly forget. The only difference, that we organize such game in special closed part of Odessa catacombs, where nobody can get lost. That’s why you able to make your trip to Odessa realy unforgetable and exciting. All information concerrning escaping game, check on our page of catacombs tour.