Apartments in Arcadia

Arcadia – one of the most popular resort places in Odessa. Here is one of central urban beaches, a variety of beach recreation infrastructure, hotels and nightclubs. Many tourists try to rent flat here, so as not to stop in hotels. Apartments in Arcadia Odessa are slightly different from the same offers in old city. And that’s why.

Apartments in Arcadia Odessa. What to expect

Mostly of Arcadia apartments are in new, modern houses. This means that apartments for rent will be modern, with a good repair, furniture and modern white goods. New houses are located close to Black sea, and some have a panoramic view on it. This means that the cost of renting such apartments will be significantly higher than in another part Odessa. Also, considering location of apartments near the sea, you easily can rent luxury apartments if necessary.

Arcadia apartments Odessa are suitable for those, who prefer beach holidays in combination with night clubs, bars and parties. It is convenient if events you are interested in are passing by, and you go to far. If you are going to spend most of yours time in center of Odessa, then apartments in arcadia will not be the best choice.

Specific of location

Remember also about landscaping specificity of Arcadia zone. All high-rise buildings in which you can rent flat, is on a hill – a plateau. All the beaches and Arcadia are located below, at sea level. This will not be a big hindrance if you use a car, or do not have problems with walking. However, for those who have any problems with musculoskeletal system, or just elderly, this arrangement can be very inconvenient.

Try to book accomodation Odessa (Ukraine) in advance. During summer arrives a large number of tourists, so renting an apartment a couple of days before arrival can be extremely difficult.