Cheap apartments in Odessa

Looking for a suitable cheap apartments in Odessa Ukraine, you should pay attention to renting private apartments. Variety of apartments is very large. It can be luxury, expensive and cheap apartments. For rent in Odessa, use search engine on our website. Here you can compare prices for housing, see photos and book appropriate apartment.

Accommodation Odessa tips

First of all, pay attention on location of required option. Most of cheap apartments in Odessa are located further away from tourist center of city. Therefore, you should consider what time you will spend to get to it. This in itself is not a problem, because Odessa is a relatively small city. Nevertheless, remember that there is an apartment offered to you at a distance of 10 minutes to city center, this may not be so. 10 minutes from your apartment to center may only be by taxi. If you prefer to travel on foot, or use public transport, this time is significantly increased.

Cheap accomodation. Odessa (Ukraine) particularity

Cheap apartments in Odessa usually located in suburbs. It makes sense. The closer apartment to city center, or to sea coast, the higher it rental price. But this does not always affect on quality of housing itself. You can rent cheap apartments in Odessa center, and then discover there cockroaches. Or you take apartment further away from old city, and there everything will be ok. This is in a sense a lottery. In choice of housing, be guided by client rating which you find in search program, read reviews of people, and see photos.

Prices fluctuation

When planning your trip to Ukraine, try to find in advance necessary accommodation. Odessa tourists season starts in April, and its peak falls on the summer months. In this period it is difficult to find a good accommodation,  book hotel or hostel. In addition, the prices for it are significantly increased. The earlier you begin to prepare for your trip, the higher is the chance to find suitable accommodation both for price and for quality.