Double city tour Odessa

Double city tour Odessa detail

Duration – 4 hours

Cost for 5-7 people – $20Β per person

More then 7 people – $25 per person

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Two excursions in one city tour for big group or company. We offer double tour that include sightseeing and catacombs Odessa tour. That tour lasting 4 hours. Two hours in catacombs and two hours of walking sightseeing. You’ll see all sights and highly popular place to visit among tourists – catacombs.


Also you can choose character of double tour. Usually we do catacombs tour in partizan museum. But it can be changed on wild catacombs tour! Sightseeing part, in its turn, can be changed on Jewish tour. You decide what topic you interesting in, but time of double tour will be same – 4 hours. Information about see on page of other city tours.


You get two the most popular of Odessa city tours and save approximately $5-10 for each person. Moreover, this tour cover main Odessa attractions. So you’ll get full historical information and see many beautiful places of the city.