Ibiza beach Odessa

Odessa Ibiza beach located in resort zone Arcadia. This is highly popular place for summer vacation with a lot of beach hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and night clubs. Arcadia is seaside line not far from old city and Ibiza beach Odessa is a part of it. Since the beach is a part of Ibiza club, it won’t be hard to find it here. In addition you can’t enter on ibiza beach except through the club. So if you find club, you find the beach and visa versa.

What is the difference from other city beaches

The beach is rather small. Because of night club, on Ibiza passes most of Odessa beach party. In summer here are performances of many bands and singers. The beach itself also the place of performance with a dancers and cozy corners for rest and drink. Because of closed territory, which is cleaning every day, Ibiza beach in very good condition as well as cost line. Also closed territory guarded, so even deep at night you are totally safe.

ibiza beach odessa foto

Ibiza beach Odessa lounge

How to get Ibiza beach. Odessa transport

First option is to use regular city transport, that passes near Genuezskaya street. Genuezskaya street starts from 10 April square, which is big transport circle. Square itself easy to find by enormous obelisk located in centre. To get 10 April square, you should go by Genuezskaya street to it’s end. Afterwards you reach gate Arcadia zone. Also we have straight city transport to Arcadia beaches.

Transport to 10 April square:

  • Trolley – №9 and №7
  • Bus (marshrutka) – №146, №185, №9, №137 and others
  • Direct transport to Arcadia: №5 tram, №5 trolley, or №198 bus (marshrutka)

Also you can reach Ibiza beach odessa along seaside by Health Road. Odessa beaches line strats from Park Shevchenko. Langeron beach will be the first. There is city dolphinarium. From this place starts Health Road with the end in Arcadia. That’s why, it’s easy to make some walk along Health Road to Odessa ibiza beach in Arcadia. Whole road is 5 km long. So you need some time and strengths for choosing this way.