Lanzheron beach

Lanzheron beach Odessa is a closest city beach to old town. Due to beach location it becomes quite popular among tourists. Lanzheron coast area includes couple of sand beaches, dozen restaurants and bars, big hotels, dolphinarium and parking. Since Lanzheron beach is one of the oldest in Odessa, it has own special mark – giant white spheres at the entrance.

What differ this beach?

The popularity of the beach can be explained by a combination of several factors. First of all, it is easy to get here both by foot or transport. There are also many restaurants and bars and other beach infrastructure. Nevertheless, one should consider, that Lanzheron beach very crowded in summer and it affects cleanliness. If you search for a clean sand on Odessa city beach, better to find less crowded place, or with paid services.

lanzheron beach

Bronze doors of sun

How to get to Lanzheron beach?

  • Walking route. Distance from old city (Opera House) to Lanzheron – 2.5 km and takes around 30 minutes. To reach coastal area you will pass central city park – Shevchenko. There are lot of sights in Shevchenko park, so the walk through it will be pleasant and interesting. Going down, right after the park begins line of city beaches.
  • Public transport. The most closer transport stop to the beach is Alley of Fame (see on map), where stops bus №203. Besides, near Shevchenko park located final stop of other city transport: tram №28 and trolley-bus №2. If you staying in old town, this transport won’t be useful, since it goes away of central streets. To avoid confusion using city transport, check out special page about public transport.
lanzheron beach

Lanzheron beach Odessa Ukraine

How recognize the place?

First of all at the entrance to Lanzheron beach placed two white spheres, that became symbol of this place for more than half a century. Also here located two big 5 star hotels: M1 club and Nemo resort hotel, which are clearly visible from afar. There is also a small promenade with fountains and parking zone.

lanzheron beach

Lanzheron fountains

Points of interest around

  • Health Road – 5 kilometers of green pedestrian road for walk, sport and rest. The road stretched aline Black sea coast and is favorite place for locals to biking, walking and jogging.
  • Park Shevchenko – the oldest central park within old town. Big area with lot of attractions and beautuful view on Odessa port. By the way, here one can rent a bike and ride around.
  • Dolphinarium – part of big resort complex Nemo-hotel. Dolphins show take places few times per day, so it could be interesting for those who spend vacation in Odessa with kids.