Odessa nude beach

Odessa nude beach view

Odessa nude beach view

Odessa nude beach is a special place of city costal area. It is cozy and hidden from superfluous eyes by huge limestone rocks. Unlike any other Odessa Ukraine beach, nude one is not crowded, because everyone knows it purpose. So this is quite convenient, since no one disturbs you.

How to recognize it

Odessa nude beach is easy to recognize. It is a short line of cost with huge rocks of limestone and one little sandy part. That shell rocks are visible from a long distance, so it’s hard to miss it while searching. Beach located little lower than road line above it. There is no stairs to it either any else infrastructure. Nude beach is what we call – wild. So the most helpful in finding it are photos on our page.

Odessa nude beach history

It is strange fact, but nude beach existed even during USSR. Few people know, that all seaside of Odessa used to be look like slopes and narrow line of rock beaches. In the second part of XX century, city council decided to create one long coastal line together with huge park zone. Therefore they covered all the beaches with sand and made them little bit wide. But in some places they left it like it was. As a result we have one beach with old wild appearance. Because of that, people who like to spend time nude, chose it for themselves. The fun fact, that in those times there stood a policeman to monitor law and order.

How to get Odessa nude beach

Odessa nude beach sand partFirst of all you need to remember couple of toponyms. First one – Dolphin beach. Second one – Health Road. Dolphin beach odessa is also very popular among tourists so it foto you can see on our page – Odessa beaches. Why it help? Because Nude beach located right after Dolphin one.
Many popular beaches stretched along French boulevard. For instance you can reach Otrada, because everyone know where it is. Special sign is – cableway. Then go down to Health Road and make walking to the right. You’ll pass yacht club, Dog beach, Dolphin one and then goes Odessa Nude beach.
Health Road is name you can use when asking locals how to get to coastal zone. This road runs above all any Odessa beach located near old part of the city. So getting to Health Road, you sooner find Nude beach, or any other.