Dolphin beach

Dolphin beach Odessa considering as a pretty popular city beach especially among locals. Beach located away of traffic zone, that make the area quite clean and comfortable for a summer resort. Dolphin beach area includes couple restaurants, night club and other beach infrastructure. Special mark of that city beach is big concrete building of coast guard. This beach was favorite between students, because of Odessa University, which located not far from see coast.

What is feature of Dolphin beach?

There are few reasons why this beach is popular among local people. First all Dolphin beach has a location, that you can’t get by car. It located in a middle of big green line, so called Health Route, where any traffic is forbidden. That’s why it is not so easy to be find by tourists. Because of location, this beach is not so crowded as the other city beaches.

dolphin beach odessa

Evening near Dolphin beach

How recognize Dolphin beach Odessa?

The main mark of a beach is big concrete building of coast guard, which places right near the water. From this building starts three sand beaches separated by piers and and continuing until huge rocks of a Nude beach. When you go down from Health Route, you will pass small sports ground and a restaurant.