Arcadia beach Odessa

Arcadia beach Odessa located within large urban resort area – Arcadia. You’ll find here whole range of services and entertainment associated with summer vacation at seaside. Arcadia Odessa beach includes numerous beach hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, cafes and water park. Therefore, Arcadia attracts many tourists who prefer beach holidays. So, it is not surprising that during summer season this is a very crowded place.

How to get Arcadia beach in Odessa

Using public transport, optimal orientation will be Genuezskaya street. This street begin from 10 April square, through which goes many transport routes. The square is easy to recognize by huge obelisk placed in its centre. So, getting to square, you only need to walk by Genuezskaya street to the end, and reach the entrance to Arcadia area. Of course there are straight transport to Arcadia.

arcadia beach odessa south part

Arcadia beach Odessa in summer

Some transport to 10 April square:

  • Trolley – №9 and №7
  • Bus (marshrutka) – №146, №185, №9, №137 and many others
  • Straight to Arcadia: №5 tram, №5 trolleybus, or №198 bus (marshrutka).

Another way to get Arcadia beach Odessa is along seaside by Health Road. Near Shevchenko park begin line of city beaches. First one is Langeron, well known place with dolphinarium. From Langeron Odessa starts Health Road and its end is Arcadia. Therefore, you can make a walk along seaside until reach Arcadia beach. Length of this Road is 5 km. So consider your strengths and time before chose this way.

How to recognize Arcadia beach Odessa

It is very easy to distinguish beach of Arcadia. First of all you’ll see many modern high-rise buildings and large beach hotels around. Second sign is extremely big number of restaurants, bars, cafes and so on. Of course you can check photo of Arcadia Alley, which is also very recognizable. That Alley looks like a road with palm trees amid and lots of shops from both sides. From one side behind the road stands water park and from another side is big slope with huge building on the top that looks like pyramid.

arcadia beach odessa view

Clubs near Arcadia beach Odessa

One more differences among others Odessa beach

Most of city beaches located below then old town. This is common specific for any beach of Odessa Ukraine. Arcadia beach is some sort of exception. To this resort area leads straight road along Genuezskaya street. So you needn’t go down getting to the beach. It’s quite comfortable for those who have some difficulties in going through long stairs.