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In Odessa city tour section, you will find information regarding sightseeing programs and major attractions. Here you will see a description of the main city tours, their duration, as well as the cost of professional tour guide services. Also here are descriptions of both regular tours, including regular Odessa sightseeing tours, as well as special offers of non-standard excursions. Non-standard, or thematic excursions are deeper involvement in one particular theme of history of the city. This can be interesting to those who are interested in a particular sphere, or those who want to learn more about Odessa.

Odessa booking

Odessa travel guide includes a special section dedicated to hotels and hostels, where best options for accommodation in Odessa are discussed in detail, depending on your preferences and specifics of your holiday. When looking for a suitable hotel, or hostel, you should consider its location. You can choose a good hotel, but surrounding may appeared very noisy, or it will be stood in specific place. Therefore, we detail features of urban areas, where most of hotels and hostels are located. Also you will find information about beach hotels located along the coast of Black Sea. Coming to another country, you need to know all specifics of local conditions, to not get into trouble. Therefore, separately here is an article where you will find several important safety tips. In general, Odessa Ukraine is quite a safe place for travelers, but it is important to get acquainted with safety information.

Odessa trip

Odessa is a city located on Black Sea coast. Due to its location, southern climate, as well as many historical attractions, it is one of must-see cities for anyone who is going travel to Ukraine. On our website you will find many options of what to see in Odessa: city tours, museums, attractions, galleries, theaters, beaches, hotels, restaurants etc. We provide all touristic services in Odessa: tours in Odessa, city tours, meeting at airport, country tours, private transfers, booking concert tickets or hotels.

What to do in Odessa

There are many options what to do in Odessa Ukraine. Each sections of our web-site are devoted to describing different places to visit, most popular among travelers. Here you can find a selection of basic Odessa tourist attractions with detailed description. This can be as traditional attractions, special places for beach holidays, as well as sightseeing places located near Odessa.