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odessa film studio

Movie scenery

Duration – 1 hour

Cost for 1 – 5 persons – €25

More than 5 people – €5 per person

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This short tour takes place inside museum of cinema, which is part of famous Odessa Film Studio. You will see old film production pavilion, where many Soviet films were shot. Museum presents different sets with interiors and costumes. You will also hear about Soviet cinema, about how old directors, such as Sergei Eisenstein or Alexander Dovzhenko, worked under the pressure of a totalitarian system. What tricks did they use to make the films more realistic, and why former Soviet audience loved them.

What to see in Odessa Film Studio

On the territory of Odessa film studio there is an old pavilion with a special cinema-museum. It is dedicated to a number of films very famous among viewers of former Soviet Union. This museum is a place of various halls representing interiors of different eras with costumes that were previously used in film production.

odessa film studio

Film set

You will see the old film-making pavilion of the 60s. Listen to how films were made in the last century. You will understand what difficulties each director faced when shooting any film in Soviet Union. In general, this is the workplace of famous directors such as Sergey Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov. You will also get acquainted with many of cinema tricks, which were used in the filmmaking of that time.

How to visit Odessa museum of cinema Odessa

Notice, you can’t get to museum by yourself: only with a tourist group or private tour. Every day, group excursions to cinema museum are held. However, they always take place in Russian! Therefore, you have several options:

The first option is to order an individual tour for any number of people. Such tour will be entirely in English. You can contact quickly using only phone. Any others city tours in Odessa have all contacts.

The second option – if you know Russian, come on daily excursions and join group. This option is also suitable for you if you just want to look and take a picture, and do not have to listen to what tour guide says.