Opera House tours

Odessa Opera House tours detail

odessa opera house tours

Odessa Opera and Ballet theater

Duration – 1 hour

Price per person – €14

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What is Odessa Opera House tours?

This tour take place inside Odessa Opera and Ballet theater and totally devoted to its history. We show all available places for tourists in opera theater and little museum. Besides opera worker and guide give accompanying information. If you not plan visit opera perfomance, this is a good and only chance to observe the Odessa opera inside. Opera tour is small, so you won’t tire and we can include this tour to any sightseeing program, that would be comfortable for you.

What the purpose to make opera house tour?

Since opera theater is unique building, constructed in 19 century, it hide many secrets. You will know specificity of construction and and what tricks builders used to get unique features of architecture. Most important thing in every opera theater is acustica. You will hear the story about disappearing of acustica in opera house and how people got it back. Also one can enjoy of Opera House inner decoration: parade stairs, sculptures, painting and luxury of a main hall.

Odessa opera short info

Odessa Opera House is considering as one of Ukraine wonders. According to architecture, design and acustica it is one of the best opera and ballet theaters in Eastern Europe. In the same time, Odessa Opera House is a proud of the city and its main attraction. The theater is a national treasure, so it is supported by government and performances take place all year. Even if you are not opera or ballet fan, by all means you should see this remarkable monument of architecture and symbol of Odessa. Also check our separate article about Odessa Opera House.