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Train tickets from Kiev to Odessa

Kiev Odessa train – options

Kiev Odessa trainTime of travelArrival
Intercity7:15 hours23:45 pm
105 K8:45 hours06:00 am
145 K10:25 hours04:05 am

How to read Ukraine train tickets

Ukrainian railways still do not issue tickets in English. Also it’s quite difficult to find necessary information in them, since completely unnecessary things are highlighted with capital letters, but important stuff – with small letters. Nevertheless, see below for the location of main info, that one need to know when boarding a train in Ukraine.

  • Yellow mark – indicates number of a train. You will find this number on a board of trains inside any train station. Usually conductor checks this number when one take the train, so you can’t get into wrong train. Just keep this in mind.
  • Blue mark – indicates the number of your car in the train. It is simple, each car has its own number, which is usually can be found the door.
  • Red mark – number of your seat place. Normal train car in Ukraine has 54 seats. Some of them will be yours. Intercity trains have another number of seats.
  • Green mark – indicates time of departure.
  • Purple mark – shows time of arrival.
  • From – city of departure.
  • To – city of arrival.
Kiev Odessa train how to read ticket

Example of Ukraine train ticket – 2019

This destination is highly in demand, since in Kiev located main international airport. From Kiev you can buy Ukraine train tickets to every point of country. There are three main trains and one additional between Kiev and Odessa. All of them differ by travel time, price and time of arrival. Let’s consider each of train:

Kiev Odessa train

Kiev Odessa train – Intercity first class

  1. Intercity. The fastest Kiev Odessa train of high quality. Main advantage, that you arrive in Odessa on the same day. This train has young personal which knows english and modern disign inside. Intercity train has only seating places, so it’s impossible to lie down in it. All seats inside this train divided into two categories: first class and second class. The only difference between them is that first class contain double seat row. Also first class means bigger distance between seat rows, which means more comfort for legs.
  2. 105 K. A night train considered as high level comfor, that has own name – Chernomorets (as Odessa football club). Suitable option when you travel from Kiev to Odessa and wouldn’t mind to spent a night in a train. Also has two kinds of tickets: luxe and first class. In this train you can recharge your gadget, there is better condition of toilets, softer seats so on.
  3. 145 K. Most cheapest option for traveling Kiev Odessa by train. This is simple train without special service like two others. It has very uncomfortable time of arriving in Odessa, but tickets to that train is very cheap. In case you choose this option, take care about taxi service before you arrive. There is no night public transport in Odessa.
Kiev Odessa train

Kiev Odessa train – Intercity second class

Bus, flights, train. Kiev Odessa options

Ukraine train tickets especially harder to get during holidays and in the end of a week. Besides, ticket price also grow up at least for 20%. In case you need to travel from Kiev to Odessa by any chance and there is no any train ticket, check our page of all possible Kiev – Odessa transport.