Shustov cognac

Odessa is a city that well known not only by attractions and location near Black Sea, but also by alcohol brands. Since 19 century within the city works famous ukrainian cognac factory – Shustov. Today the factory not only producing cognac, but also became a point on Odessa tourism map. Here works the only one in Ukraine museum, where you can get acquainted with a history of brand, distillation process and to taste Shustov cognac.

Shustov cognac

Shustov cognac factory building

Cognac tasting tour and museum

For those who looking for what to do in Odessa, may be interesting Shustov Cognac Museum. Museum installations tells about primary winemaking and alcohol smoking, production and aging of cognac spirits, history of Shustov dynasty and about history of legendary drink cognac. Excursion to cognac museum includes degustation, but not necessary.

Shustov cognac museum

Factory museum

Visit factory museum with cognac tasting tour can be interesting for those, who want to taste brand local cognac and know history of the place. Moreover, any tasting tour includes visit to museum, but you able to choose the age of cognac, which you will tasting. Today in 2019, Shustov provides three different degustation programs during the tours. To make cognac tasting tour, contact us through Odessa tour page.

Shustov cognac museum

Shustov production

Odessa cognac history

Starting from 1803 cognac appeared in Odessa due to wide trade connections of a young city. Mostly all cognac imported to Russian Empire from France and was named french vodka. The drink became quite popular, that’s why is those time appeared first little factories. To middle of 19 century became clear enough, that Odessa needs its own high quality cognac and the story started.

Shustov cognac

Shustov advertisement in 19 century

Shustov cognac throughout centuries

In 1863 Nikolai Leontyevich Shustov opened his first factory and created a brand – Shustov. Odessa and the region was extremely appropriate land for production of raw materials and developing  export trading through the port. The first cognac that they produced had a name – Phoenix. In the end of 19 century organized joint-stock company of Black Sea winemaking, liquor and cognac production.  They bought a plot of land within Odessa to create a factory for making cognac from grape wines.

Shustov cognac

Shustov advertisement in Russian Empire

Greatest achieve Shustov cognac got in 1900 on a Paris World Exhibition. Shustov products won the Grand Prix of the exhibition, where they exhibited cognac and liqueurs. To 1913 year, Shustov cognac company took 4-th place of cognac producing in the world, and strictly got 1-th of producing tinctures and liqueurs. Six overseas agencies represented the company in Paris, London, Rotterdam, Chicago, Brussels and Melbourne.

Shustov cognac

Paris World Exhibition in 1900 – entrance

Soviet union times

In 1921 Shustov cognac company was nationalized by communists and became known as Odessa cognac factory. Factory produced 39 different drinks: wines, cognacs, grape vodka, aperitifs, punches and liqueurs. After WW2 the full-cycle of cognac producing started again. Local cognac spirits aged in oak barrels for many years. Until 1956 Odessa factory was the only one of producing ukrainian cognac.

Shustov cognac

Odessa cognac bottle 1900

Shustov cognac factory today

The modern factory updated its vineyards, which located near Odessa. Saplings of elite grape varieties purchased in France, in the famous nursery of Monsieur Raymond. Because of modern equipment and full production cycle Odessa cognac factory becomes the leading in Ukraine. More than a hundred years, Shustov company produced cognac according to the classic French technology, same as in Cognac region in France. Today the factory producing 57% of all ukrainian cognac.